Coaching and  Ideas

Get clear on what you really want, find the best way to get there and the support to keep you going.  Meet one on one with Dr. Brookh to turbocharge your personal progress unlike anything you've ever seen before.  You will see things unfold in your life that you never thought were possible.

Speaking Engagements    

Dr. Brookh is a powerful speaker, well adapted in delivering thoughtful and useful exploration for any audience. She will lead participants to decide what they really want, discover what is holding them back, and focus on moving in the direction best suited for success.

Workshops and Classes

Life moves quickly and if we want to get where we want to be, we must first know where that is.  In each of her workshops and classes, Dr. Brookh leads participants toward discovering what they really want and helps them move in that direction.

Raving Reviews

Thank You! I am a believer of things happen for a reason and me subbing at BNI last year was so miraculous - without it (coaching and EFT) I’m not sure where my son would be today! You do amazing things for people and I know you change lives everyday.
— Heather L.
Check out Dr. Brookh Lyons! She can help! It’s time!
— Kat
Thank you very much, wonderful Dr. Brookh! I love hearing you talk – you have a very calming voice and you always have great things to say.
— Lori F
While you were talking, I was struck by how un-alone {if that makes sense} I am in the journey of life. We all have things we do well and things we struggle with. Not one of us is perfect. That was very powerful for me.
— Tonia D
Brookh provided an honest, loving, and insightful approach to life to our moms group. She connected well with all the moms in the group no matter the season they were in and was a great person to converse with.
— Carinna
Brookh as the key note speaker was phenomenal. She engages people with her warm and effervescent personality. Most importantly Brookh used all adult learning styles thus allowing everyone the ability to grasp and incorporate the information. We would definitely ask her to present again.
— Jane J

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