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Dr. Brookh is a visionary and thought leader devoted to cultivating local and global healthy family dynamics. Her goal is to help parents end self-criticism and replace it with presence, confidence and purposeful actions that lead to desired outcomes. Through her experience as a chiropractor, working mostly with babies, she learned the value of impacting children’s lives at an early age. Her tireless commitment to teaching her clients about validating each other and finding answers that work for their families, will ensure strong generational bonds that strengthen families and communities all over the world. As a proponent of taking responsibility for our own actions, her motto is “It all begins with us.”

Dr. Brookh has her Bachelor of Science Degree and received her Chiropractic Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2001. She has earned additional diplomas in the health industry and is trained in Personal Coaching, EFT (Tapping aka Emotional Freedom Technique), Cranio Sacral Therapy and other healing methods. 

Dr. Brookh was raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but moved to the US in 1994 and currently resides in Green Bay, with her husband, their two teenagers, and an adorable Golden Doodle named Sophie, (watch for Sophie in the background of Dr. Brookh’s video messages).

“As the Twig is bent so grows the tree.”

-Alexander Pope

Empowering Women, Inspiring Girls

More about Dr. Brookh’s impact:

1. Awards:

  • 2019 Nancy Armbrust Impact Award

  • 2018 Encompass Family Contribution Award

2. Contribute time and talent to improve the quality of life for others in the community:

Dr. Brookh is the creator of the ROAR - Awakening Women’s Voices Conference and is on a mission to make sure that every human knows that their impact is substantial, that our legacy is not only what we leave behind, but created when we die, but truly, how we act, and react - every day that we live.

Dr. Brookh and her family were recently recognized with the 2018 Encompass Family Award for their involvement in community service as a family (spearheaded by Brookh’s Volunteerism with Service League, Encompass, and local community events.)

“It’s all about the children.” - Carol Bush

Dr. Brookh believes that we impact our children through how we live. Welcoming our children to serve in the community helps them to grow up feeling like a part of the community, and helps them bond through our mutual human qualities. This way, we hope they will grow up to use their gifts, creativity and financial accomplishments to live a vibrant live while also helping others.

  • Dedicated nonprofit Board of Directors, Encompass Early Education and Care two consecutive terms, continues to serve on the planning committee’s for The Big Event for Little Kids, and their new Game On! Evening which replaces their annual Oktoberfest.

  • Inaugural Board Member and Secretary, Hope & Olive. Nonprofit raising awareness and funds to lighten branding tattoos for survivors of human trafficking and areola reconstruction for breast cancer survivors.

  • Mentor Mom, Marion House for teenage mothers,

  • Mentor Mom & regular Speaker at MOPS (Mothers of preschool children)

  • Co-created an evening MOPS group (Green Bay Community Church)

  • Regular contributor to the Ruth Helf Center

  • Workshop Presenter. Based on Dr. Brookh’s book - 

  • As a Chiropractic Doctor, she provides loving care to countless patients and families.

  • Brookh is also an avid learner and participates in local events such as the YWCA Empowerment Conference, NEW Women’s Business Summit.

  • Personal Impact Coach and Mastermind group Leader

3. Actively assist others, particularly women, in realizing their full leadership potential.

  • Dr. Brookh has a private online Club for Women - The tagline is “Being the best version of me”. This concept encourages women to have a strong impact in their family and their community, while realizing the lifestyle and life that they love.

  • Brookh's leadership style recognizes our unique gifts and resources, encourages us each to be involved in our personal growth, and, to be more deeply connected with ourselves and our community. She believes that life is a journey and there is purpose in every step we take.

  • Speaker: Ongoing since she was a professional cheerleader, 1992-1994. More recently, Management Women & MOPS: “5 Keys to Creating a Meaningful, fun & Stress-Free Holiday Season.” Panelist: NEW Women’s Business Summit, Acceptance speech for the Nancy Armbrust Impact Award

4. Empowering women and inspiring girls by being a role model for others to emulate.

Brookh is known for, “Being Real.” Brookh was married & divorced. Now, with her current husband of 18 years, Brookh has two children; a girl and a boy and regularity shares how deciding to be a great a mother led her to heal the wounds she brought forward from her past, so she could change the outcome of her present, and future.

Inspiring girls happened as she began to heal herself, Brookh's transparency and willingness to share life realities in a positive and uplifting way makes her an inspiration to many.

Brookh and her daughter Victoria, age 17, have been hosting Mother-Daughter evenings since 2017 to inspire conversation, connection and be more empowered in their relationship. Empowered mothers are a terrific influence on both boys and girls. Dr. Brookh has taught/ presented at a variety of girls conferences including the Girl Scouts, both at their weekly meetings and as keynote speaker at their yearly gathering.

5. Creates environment in organization(s) that values women’s accomplishments and contributions:

  • Publisher and owner of the N.E.W. & Fox Valley Kids magazines, Apples Family Magazine. Monthly publications distributed by the schools and local businesses throughout Northeast Wisconsin to support local families. Mothers, fathers, teachers and members of the community of all persuasion, came together in these magazines in hopes of inspiring others to make a connection through our mutual humanity.

  • As a board member and contributor to Encompass, and Hope & Olive, both almost (exclusively employed by women)

  • Brookh has submersed herself in environments which honor the contributors and her community on social media. This reflects her respect and regard for others. 

Kindness is possible when we have freed ourselves from false obligations, dogma and stereotypes that bind our freedoms, something Dr. Brookh is fierce about sharing.

Deeper with Dr. Brookh

By Dr. Brookh Lyons: Sometimes it’s tough to know another person, but what you are about to read is about my life: my deepest pain, my greatest joy and what I’ve learned during my short time on this earth. It’s a long read, and not nearly the whole story. I will share more as time passes because our stories are everything. Stories are how we learn, why we react, and also, how we heal.

If you want to make a strong impact and live a lifestyle that brings you joy, then healing is part of your roadmap to success.

Throughout our time together I’m going to ask you to be free to retrieve some of your past. Only if it will serve you, and very often it will. When we walk our life-journey, we leave baggage along the way that was tossed off to ease the trip. I had a lot of baggage.

In my twenties I was told that due to some adhesions and irregular periods, it would be impossible for me to have children of my own. I’d resolved myself to a life without my own kids, and as I worked toward my doctorate, decided to honor my love for children and planned to open a pediatric practice. In my final year of chiropractic school, imagine our surprise to find out that I was pregnant! Pregnant!!!

Everything about being pregnant was new, and knew that this experience would change my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

I was right. 

But one day on a walk, I suddenly buckled over in severe pain, and we learned that I had been carrying twins, and one of the babies died. This type of loss can be devastating, but I found great comfort in the second baby still growing inside of me. We focused on that.

Several months after our daughter, Tori, was born, my husband and I walked in to the woods to spend time with the child that we didn’t get to meet. It was a beautiful sunny day up in the hills of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, and as we talked about our baby, to release her, we named her Willow. The willow trees blew so gently in the wind that day, it was beautiful and I could literally feel Willow’s gentle spirit connect with us there, letting us know everything was going to be okay.

Losing Willow was a foundational step that I began to stand on. I began to realize that not all good experiences feel good. Some are meant to help us grow in ways we never imagined so that we can be rerouted, or of comfort to others. I decided that my thoughts and experiences ALL have value, (not just the ‘good ones’), and began to see value in every moment.

We were honest with Tori about the death of her twin. Throughout her life, Tori has lived with Willow and I’m so glad she knows the truth. Sometimes the truth is tough to explain, but we must try because open communication is necessary in relationships. Even when the truth is difficult, children understand the feeling of what is going on around them, and the truth (at their level of understanding) is important. I believe faith is also important because sometimes we just can’t make sense of things but knowing there is a Higher Power helps to relieve the burden of trying to figure out why. Sometimes, ‘why’, is none of our business, sometimes, ‘why’, will be revealed later on, as it was with Willow. 

A gentle push from Willow

When my friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I could not let his teenage daughter go throughout life without him, although inevitably that would be the case. I had always wanted a loving relationship with my dad, where I could be myself and share my toughest times. I wanted him to listen and support me, but, not every person knows how to be that pillar for others. I knew I could help my friend with what I had learned. I knew how important his ongoing support would be, and I gave him the chance give his daughter more of himself so that she would grow up feeling more complete.

With that thought in my heart, I penned my first book; The Envelope System, Create Your Legacy Through Letters To Your Daughter. My book became a way for him to communicate to his daughter when she will need him most; birthdays, graduations, when she thinks she’s found “the one”, marriage, sex, when she has a mean boss, or just when she has a great day and wishes he was with her, or crappy day and she needs his back-up and to hear that everything is going to be okay. Sometimes we wish it weren’t so, but children are always learning about who they are by their parents treatment of them. A missing parent speaks volumes to the self-esteem and internal diologue. I wanted her to have less holes dug in her soul. Most of us have many holes and we find ourselves being drawn back to trip over them over and over again, falsehoods that we learned about ourselves and the world around us. For some reason, in creating impact and a lifestyle I love, I began to use what I knew in my heart, to help others find their focus, and follow through.

I want to help you find your holes and hold your hand while we walk to look to see what is in those holes. It’s not nearly big and scary, mostly it’s freeing. Actually, I’ve never had a patient, client or friend who didn’t know instinctively what to do, but I am your guide so that you keep your focus along the way. Life can get so busy that you begin to coast through your days, loosing consciousness and therefor the presence that brings you deeper into your heart. But you can find yourself again.

My life is full of reminders of the impact I can have through sharing my stories and my life. I received another gentle push when a friend of mine, Nicole, was brutally murdered. The loss of this vibrant, intelligent, loving, strong woman shook me to the core. We don’t really truly know what that means unless it happens to us, and I can tell you that it was as if huge hands had wrapped themselves around my crusty heart, that began to shake forcefully until the crust and the complacency fell off, exposing me and who I am to the core. Oddly, the freedom was exhilarating - and it only took a few days after her death for me to know that I must - MUST - get my programs to support you. We cannot allow our children to grow up thinking they are the cause of our sadness, anger and frustration. They are not.

We are the reason. It all begins with us.

At about the same time as Nicole’s death, several other revelations came about, all showcasing the dire need for change in our emotional health.

Willow Circle

I have always tended to feel more emotion than other people. I was raised believing this was a fault, it is actually a gift that makes me an outstanding doctor, healer and parent. It has helped me sense a great need, especially for mothers, to be loved and supported. (Then I realized that without a strong and kind male influence, it almost seems like half of our spirit is underdeveloped, so men became my focus as well.) 

There is so much happiness in raising our children, but that’s not where we tend to trip up. I want a place to celebrate and share my good ideas and I recognize that so many others can contribute from their experiences. I want a place where we share what we know and get what we need, because we were not meant to parent alone. Parenting is hard and without help, or guidance, we stumble and sometimes fall. Imagine the parent you could be if you were supported, loved and assisted. I want more of that and I want to offer the same to you! This is why I created Willow Circle.

Willow Circle is a place where we come together as a global family to share ideas, help out when needed and offer our experiences. Young and old, near and far, we want to be needed, to feel important and we can do that by sharing our stories. Not all of it, if that’s not for you, but our experience matters and your ideas and life are important to our family dynamics. Yes, YOURS!

Willow’s presence is the support structure that helped me come to peace with my life. My children and husband helped me change what I’d learned, and sweet Nikki helped me rise up and take every step necessary to move forward. 

It’s time to step forward. You have ideas, you have thoughts and dreams and YOU are needed. There have been many people along the way who have shown me grace and great love. Their story, or what they taught me, has convinced me that I can share my life with you to help lift your burden, and help you soar.

How would you like to be more supported and loved?
What have been the most difficult times in your life?
What did you learn from those times? A tool, a thought or an action? 

It’s okay if you can’t get there…yet. This is a journey, and it honors and thrills me to be walking with you.

With love,

Brookh XO


“Dr. Brookh Lyons is truly an inspiration. A more genuine, caring soul could not be found.” – Deanne

“I was so down and feeling defeated. I always have a great list of things to accomplish but chase my tail and make little progress. I end up feeling like a failure, and like I am just surviving the day to day.
Through our sessions, Dr. Brookh guided me by asking questions and helping me figure out my plan to be successful. It was the support and guidance I needed to start on my path to success. I’m ready to rock this! Thank you!” –Nina