Dr. Brookh’s Foundational Mission

In its early growth stages, this is a multi-generational community where we support each other to make our greatest impact.

"Positively Impact Global Family Dynamics”

Our mission is to help you create the healthy lifestyle of your dreams because from there, we inspire others to grow, learn and change.  The details look differently to each of us and we are proud to celebrate every family's potential.

We invite you to dream, to inspire, to find what works best for you through our videos, classes, groups and support, all designed to help you succeed. 

Dr. Brookh Lyons helps women have more impact and enjoy a lifestyle of meaning and purpose. Impactful women get to run their business from their heart, and don’t have to sacrifice their family or their well-being for success.

Early in her chiropractic career, Dr. Brookh realized that in order to have a fully present, positive impact, women need support and clarity when making decisions. This is important because each family has a unique set of needs to be addressed, and Dr. Brookh is committed to moving them through the indecision, into the next level of their heart-felt success.

Our Core Values:

  • We believe that you have the answer to your questions

  • We celebrate families, and encourage everyone, around the world, to create a healthier next generation - It begins with you

  • We believe in teaching the highest values to our children: Faith, Love, Empathy, Generosity, Honesty, Gratitude, Truth, Joy, Peace, and Hope (for oneself, humanity and all living things) and more

  • We believe that each individual is here for good purpose

  • We believe that health, wellness, and transformation are always possible

  • We are committed to helping families learn the tools needed to steer their lives in the direction of their dreams

  • We empower all people to be the best they can be

  • We believe in our dreams and the dreams of others

  • We honor diversity and choices; there is more than one way to do things, more than one type of family and each have a contribution to make

  • We know that each person is capable of being a positive leader for their family and all experiences can help others

  • We believe that when all generations work together, we find the strength and support we need

  • We strive to connect people who know, with people who want to know

  • We create real opportunities for people to connect and share their expertise and experience

  • We believe that our subconscious mind can accept things that hurt us and this can hold us back and that we can learn to let go of antiquated belief systems

  • We promote and teach simple ways to make a huge impact on our families

  • We love families and believe we can change our world for the better