A Leaf To Say He Loves Me

“Look beyond the stress and business of today to see that YOU are a great gift to your child!” 
- Dr. Brookh Lyons

“Look up, what colors do you see out there?” I asked.

This might be painfully boring mom stuff, but I encourage you to be that mom who asks everyone to put down electronics while you drive, so you can all comment on the things around you, and maybe even sneak in a question or two with your kids .

I love my job, but when my family is together, I want us to be truly present. I have made it a habit to look them right in the eye when I say I love them, so they know it’s not lip service or habit… so they feel LOVED … (I’m selfish that way). Selfish for them to know me, and to know they are loved deeply.

Let’s be real, I usually do most of the talking, (well, I mostly ask questions which Dan calls my coaching questions 'voodoo' LOL )…  asking questions really works in developing our thoughts and relationships.

Last year, I realized that our kids are actually listening and I want to encourage you, because your kids are listening too.

For me, car rides have become nourishment to my heart (a heart that is hungry for confirmation that everything is going to be okay and never quite sure if I’m doing enough as their mother. A heart that wonders if I’m trading in the passion for my work, for my children’s heart and not being a good enough mom. My dreaded thought is of waking up one day wishing I could do it all over).

Do you have those days? Days when you wonder if anything you say or do is being absorbed in the precious short time we have together? It can be frustrating to say the least.

And suddenly, something wonderful happens…

Well, on this particular day, two things actually:

As my kids rode captive to my questions we gazed at the forest ahead and my (then) 12 year old declared, 


As the word rolled off his tongue, I smiled the deepest smile because sometimes it takes encouragement through our own observations for others to see what is actually right in front of them. This time it was the rainbow of brightly colored fall leaves and he SAW them!

I didn’t think much about the whole experience at the time, until a year later when I opened the door to my son after school. There he stood, nonchalantly, holding a bright red leaf from our burning bush out front cupped in the safety of his hands. 

No words from him, just the leaf firmly offered to me as I opened the door. As he passed me to enter, he added a sweet kiss that meant more to me than mere words could possibly explain.

Gifts like these are meaningful, because the leaf means that he sees more than the obvious. And it confirms that he and I are connected on a level deeper than the conversation in the car last year.  

It cannot be denied that our conversation led to us sharing something impactful, something that lead us to sharing and feeling more love between eachother in the form of a simple leaf a whole year later.

When we make decisions that we believe are going to lead to a positive outcome, and we keep an open mind, there will be moments where we are blown away. 

You are a good mom. Own it.

LIVE for those moments and stand firm in their creation. You are a good mom. Own it, but you don't have to do this alone!

It’s time to build the healthy family of your dreams, and a whole life of your choosing.

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Parenting, dare I say, is more important than your job, but our job usually receives more of our focus and planning. It’s time to get the support you need to lead your family to success. 

Love Dr. Brookh,

Hi, I’m Dr. Brookh Lyons and I offer high level mentoring and coaching, videos, classes, groups and support, all designed to help you succeed so that you can have a positive impact on your family, and feel more confident in your parenting skills (even if you work or volunteer a lot).

 "Have patience. Good things will come from the lessons of today."   - Dr. Brookh Lyons

 "Have patience. Good things will come from the lessons of today."

- Dr. Brookh Lyons