It’s A Forrest Gump Life - time sensitive gift ... check it out!

As a young adult, I consciously sprung from the confines of my childhood and lived each moment in full exhilaration. I was a a white water rafting guide, professional cheerleader/dancer, and every available weekend, I would close my eyes, mark a point on the map and GO there. 

I call it ‘Forrest Gumping’, bouncing from one great opportunity to the next, without thinking about it. "YES!" was my mantra and it led me to many wonderful memories, but then I stopped.

One day, I moved from effortlessly gliding through life, to putting a lot of worry and planning into my dreams when I decided to become a doctor. 

I’m still not entirely sure what happened but stress and worry took over my thoughts, and began to cripple my actions. Things I felt inside from what I’d learned in my childhood (such as: be quiet, you’re too loud, you talk too much, you're great! but not good enough), felt like heavy, sticky sacks of garbage, polluting my life. With the weight of the burden, I got stuck... but we don't have to stay stuck.

Those limiting self-beliefs, led to negative self-talk, and without conscious planning I became overwhelmed. That closed the door to the freedom I’d enjoyed for so long. I suppose I'd never learned how to work toward my dreams? I have always held big dreams that require massive action, (like becoming a doctor, or a mother, which I've done) but there was a disconnect, and like any incongruence, it caused a problem.

It doesn't really matter what we aspire to. If our thoughts and actions are not in alignment, we risk living in the space of numbness where we don't really feel anything, almost living the life of our dreams (like I did for 20 years) .... but we don't have to stay stuck. 

We must actually accept the gift, to receive it.

God kept offering me a key to the great life He intended. Thing is, all kinds of great things can be offered, but it requires us actually accepting the gift, to receive it.

I did manage to bag a rock star husband; a good man who goes to work every day to make sure our needs are not only taken care of, but exceeded. We have two kids, who shock and amaze me daily, and I possess a healing gift to help others that changes peoples’ lives for the better.

To others, I looked successful in my accomplishments, but I was locked out from feeling the joy I could have about my life. Everyone wants to be acknowledged in some way and celebrated, but unless we truly feel that from the inside, other’s attempts at honoring us will feel superficial and drip off of us. It matters most that you are happy with yourself.

In thoughtful introspection, I realized that I learned as a child to only show happiness, (it’s actually still enforced today but I am not passing that on to my kids). 

With only one emotion to show, the others became numbed out by my lack of acknowledgment. It stole my joy too. I didn’t know it but by shutting off negative feelings, I was giving up all the good feelings too. I just hadn't learned how to manage the bad, I'd learned only to shove it down.  Things we shove down into our soul build pressure, and I was a ticking time bomb.

That negative belief that I can only show up happy affected me deeply; I found it was actually showing up everywhere; in my participation at meetings because it hampered my ability to share my thoughts, and I’d allow others to railroad my desires in favor of their own.

Some of you are laughing because you know me, and I’ve firmly gotten over this mindset… which means that you can too!

Do you have habits you took on in childhood that worked for your immature mind, but are not serving you anymore? It’s a strange question because we don’t really think of things that way, but could knowing what is not working in your life help you get to what does work?

When I wanted to release my belief that I had to be quiet to be loved, I consciously looked around and saw lots of people being themselves, laughing loudly and having fun. And yet people still love them? 

I Want To Be Loved!

Remember when we checked our answers in math? Well, that is how I check my answer.


We all have limiting beliefs and we will be uncovering more truths as life goes on, and changing our thoughts and the way we do things until the day we die. Please know that this is the truth, because I think many of us assume that we will figure it all out one day, and we will, the moment we die.

It's time to find that person you feel is lost deep inside you somewhere, covered by responsibilities. 

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Please share this blog with your friends. We must work together for positive change and support each other. And as always, what popped out for you in this message? Please share what you found of value in the comments below.