Welcoming Her Monthly Friend

Build connection and have a little FUN! 

Life CAN be fun with kids! Especially when we can just be ourselves; goofy, funny and yes, sometimes even a bit embarrassing (dare I even say, trashy? Shhh).

Recently a friend of my daughter, got her first visit from her monthly friend. As you can imagine, since I’m writing this post, I have something to say about it. Actually, I might have been more excited than she was! So I planned something special on the fly, packing a red bag full of girl items she might need, and a chocolate bar (cliché is welcome in times like these).

Why? Because it’s special.

Weird, you may be thinking, but truly, this is a right of passage for a young girl, who as a teenager, just wants to be more mature and carve her own way.

Getting her period is a big deal, so of course, we celebrated.

Yes, those are maxi pads. 

Yes, that’s a joke carefully searched online, (ew, we found lots of gross jokes, yucky! So we chose this one, cause it's funny.) 

Q: What did the Maxi Pad say to the fart?

A: You're the wind beneath my wings.

Yes, I wrote in red marker.

Yes, they were on my bathroom door. (They HAVE their own stickers, and I was guessing no one would ever use these particular feminine products in the usual way… so what the heck. I wasted two, well, 3 actually. Note to all of you who try it… my letters were too small at first, so had to redo them.)

No, I’m not embarrassed to share this idea because when we can show our kids (in ways that are not intimidating) that we get what’s going on, it’s a good thing and we want more of that!

Our kids want more of that too. My ways might be odd, but the results are excellent because I've allowed myself the time with coaching and other work to truly sit and plan some of this out. My outcome, while it may not happen in the ways' I envision, is to share a closeness and love with my children that nourishes us for all of our days and my dream is to help you create that for you family as well.

My daughter and her friends all feel (relatively) comfortable talking about real life in our presence, although I’m not daft, I’m sure I don’t know everything, and that is fine. They are growing up so quickly and it is of paramount importance that they know I have their back.

As I see it, my job is to help our kids be stronger, more vibrant and healthy. And to not hide behind a social stigma that says we should be embarrassed because we menstruate. 

This is life and… life is worth celebrating! So we do the embarrassing things sometimes and have a little fun in hopes of enjoying life to it’s fullest. 

When I got my period, my father brought me flowers. 

“He KNOWS?!” 

Ugh, I nearly died of embarrassment, but years later I credit his reaction in part to why I am easy going about such things. And some small place inside of me knew that with this simple action, no words, he supported me. It was an important moment I will always cherish. And alas, I also learned that day, that we don’t actually DIE of embarrassment, that was also good to know.

If you want to develop ideas to use in celebration of the real life events with your kids, follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my blog notifications.  Most importantly, know that you CAN do this on your own, you’ll figure this out, I know you can. It took me years (and some of them I regret because I would have been a much calmer and gentler mom, wife, and human had I gotten the support I needed) but I didn’t realize that my attitude and my feelings are the example my kids learn. 

They don't tend to pick up lifestyle habits from what we tell them but they follow who we are and what we’re doing. This is important.

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In the comments below, share with me some of the funny things you've done, or want to do? And, if you need ideas, or support, ask. Your family deserve it.



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