My heart problem.

"If you change nothing, nothing will change." - Dr. Brookh Lyons

I have a problem of the heart. No, I am not ill, although I can promise you that it is making me sick. 

Everything Is Going To Be Okay

This week I have a simple request, in hopes of changing everything.

Are you pushing for something, wanting SO badly for something to succeed, or change, or holding on to something old with a firm grip, scared to let it go? Maybe you're trying to stop something that you fear from happening, or resisting change to keep something you risk loosing?

Today I ask that you remember that we get what we focus on so when we focus on holding, keeping, stopping... we are not in the flow of our gifts, or our freedoms. When we do this, we are in our minds, (over-thinking) missing what our heart wants to show us, and possibly, what is really happening for our good.

Times are always changing. Our lives, our decisions, our focus is always changing so this week I ask that you be conscious of what is happening and what good can come of it. Write it down, focus on the good. 

Imagine not doing this alone. Find me when you need to be focused, move through the things that are holding you back and find clarity about why it's so darn tough to let go, (even of things that are hurting us).

Everything is going to be okay.

With great love,


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