Life can get really busy. It's time to discover what's really important.

Life can get really busy around this time of the year and now more than ever we need to look inside ourselves to discover what's really important.

For me, this is a time to focus on myself. Yes! A time ponder goals and ways to implement success for myself and my family in the coming year. This includes looking forward and back to see what's working and opening up possibilities for change.

It's a time to spend together, chatting so we have input from the whole family (because success can be measured differently by each human being on the planet).

The most important thing we can do at this time is decide what is really important to us. What are your favorite holiday traditions? Ask your partner and ask your kids, then use those few favorite things as your guide. No other holiday traditions matter.

What do you really want from the coming holidays?

If it's to feel peace and love, then there are lots of things that really should be considered for dropping this year.

When you know what's most important to your family it will make it easier to drop things that keep you busy - but have little meaning. Those are the things that are not as important as the gentle loving time that we spend with the people who mean the most to us.

If you have a perfectly clean home, all the traditions completed but don't have time to sit and snuggle with your kids and calmly read a book to each other, dance in the living room with the love of your life or take a walk without ranting about how much you have yet to do, perhaps relationships are being overlooked and undervalued?

I spent many years stressed out during the holidays and it showed up in the way that I treated my husband and our children. The photos were beautiful but it didn't help the way I felt about myself, (to be on such a short fuse, overwhealmed, looking good (enough), but not feeling good mentally nor physically).

I urge you to take this time to consider what it does to your family and to your health when you are over-scheduled and over-commitment. If it's hurting your relationships please take a moment to wonder why you make those choices and who it is you're trying to impress? Perhaps those are old values that need to be freshened up?

This year let the wonder of the season bring you more deeply into the relationships that matter with your family and your Creator ... and know that saying no can be a gift to you, your family and to the receiver.

If you are ready to change the way you do things so you can have more peace and success during the holidays and every day, I am offering you a hand to climb through that open window (the window that appears as doors shut around us). Contact me by email, privately on Facebook or in response to this message so that you can find your power and lead you family along a different path and create the healthy family of your dreams before it's too late. 

What do you really want? Go for it!

Dr. Brookh

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