Why do we feel guilty for doing what we need to do?

Although our words and actions can make or break our family’s life experience, positive intentions and words are simply not enough. Our family needs us to show them they are important, so I want you to take a moment to decide; 

1. Does my family FEEL my love (or am I too rushed)?

2. Do I take the time to sit (guilt-free) for a moment (to read or look my loved ones in the eye so they know that I deeply love them because I have time for them)?

3. Are my actions reflecting my great love for them (or do they feel like they are a bother when I rush them, insult them for being so slow, or get angry because they are not operating within my idea of how things should go?)

It’s okay, you are not alone! But we can’t stay here .. answer those questions and then pick one thing for each that you can do to change that. 

When my kids were young, I was rushed all the time and short with my words and patience. I over scheduled my time, and thought that accomplishing ALL that, would make me feel important. I rushed to be here or there. I HAD to get this or that done. One day I realized that although I knew my actions did not reflect my great love for my family, I felt extremely guilty when I simply sat down to read a book with my kids, or snuggled with them for a few minutes. There was always so much to do. 

Then I realized that although my accomplishments may LOOK good, the stress of the volunteer work, my business and home-life responsibilities was taking me away from the close and loving family that I so desired. 

Change was necessary… but it wasn’t easy. Sometimes we can simply decide, and succeed, but we often have emotions and habits built around what we do that prohibit change. That’s why I began Tapping. Today, Tapping is such a huge part of how I help women, including myself, to find peace and success in their lives. 

Many women say they feel frantic all day. When I first spoke with a woman named, Anne, she had trouble sleeping at night because her mind was so full of things to do. She woke up irritated, tired, and felt resentful that everyone needed her from the moment they woke up and until they went to bed. She SO desired the peace to simplify her life, but could NOT see how that was possible. She already knew her kids just needed face time with her. But the emotions tied to sitting with her kids made her feel like she was being bad and being useless, even though she remembered craving time with her mother to sit with her. She was repeating it. Her number one desire was to make sure her loved ones could FEEL her deep love for them. She knew it, but couldn’t seem to break the pattern, until we Tapped on it. 

Tapping changed everything, which has been true of 100% of my experiences.

At one time, not long ago, her emotions controlled her actions and her relationships but once she began to find strategies that worked for her, everything changed for her entire family. She felt like her kids listened more, she deepened her relationships and even mended a few. She finally felt at peace to make healthier decisions and even to sit and feel like THAT was the work that needed to be done. Anne was able to let go of so many thoughts that she didn’t realize were holding her back and found a new level of peace.

So, when it comes to the people who are important in your life, do they FEEL your love? Do you feel theirs? Imagine feeling peaceful and capable? How would your life be different? 

Believe in your dreams and take steps toward them. Believe in YOU! 

I know that we can change everything in a single moment. This includes you.

That moment can be right now. 

Reach out below with what is troubling in your life, or reach out to me directly HERE, so that I can help you find the focus you and your family need. 


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Dr. Brookh's use of tapping, while initially intriguing for many, is a scientifically proven way to release worry, fear and other emotions that drag down our daily thought processes.  It was an enlightening experience that removed a whole area of daily worry from my life. 

I would recommend Dr. Brookh very highly for individuals who need clarity in their world or the tools to release old hurts and haunts.  Her scientific background allowed me to more fully understand how the body's fight or flight can relate to emotions as well. I could not be happier with my outcome after working with Dr Brookh!" — L.A.