Focus on the light.

Are you hearing the cries of your soul urging you to wake up and pay attention to something important? (But it feels like an impossible call to answer during the holidays.. so you ignore it?)

The holidays have this great way of presenting exactly what we can work on for growth in the form of something that we totally do not want to work on, but if something feels badly year after year, perhaps it’s a sign to “look here”, and, "feel this thing that is true".

If you are not living with the peace and joy you desire, perhaps it’s time to look at that but this is a life journey and won't be fixed by Christmas!

While my hope for all of us is a life of truth and peace, looking in to our story can be tough in the spur of the moment (when family arrives for example) because once we look, we tend to want to find resolution ... If you are interested in truly changing the way your life operates, that is completely possible but ...

.. forget that for now.

Today I want to remind you to turn your sights to what you really want. Is it peace? A calm holiday? Showing your kids that you really love them by dropping everything and playing in the snow with them?

I call this the light in our life because the light is always there. The holidays are fleeting so consider that the light has more joy to offer in the creation of your memories (than the darkness that we also feel, so let that live within you as well. Say hello to what troubles you and gently calm yourself by deciding that you will do something to create the healthy family of your dreams), and take a step toward that.. 

When we focus on the light more light comes..

You alone have the power to focus on the goodness of your life. I invite you to do that now. This is the beginning of lasting change and great power from within. You may not feel strong enough, but you are. 

Love Brookh

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Photo credit: Claire Madill of Heyday designs