How we remember lost love.

This year many of our family members died.

All good people who will be missed and remembered in different ways. I wonder if that has happened to you?

For Christmas this year, one of the widows had bears made for each of their children artfully created with the clothing and other possessions that her husband enjoyed most. A simple gesture we all know will be cherished.

A Happy New Year requires that you make it that way.

Years ago I made these wooden clothes-pin angels to include our lost children in our holiday celebrations. They are not fancy, just a way to remember our sweet children when we wish they were here. We all find our way, particularly when we intend to and you have no one to answer to in your own healing and progress. 

Sometimes it's nice to have something to hold that reminds us of the people we have lost. Before we've lost someone we love, this can seem like a morbid thing to do, but if you have lost anyone, you know that we worry about forgetting them, and want that love to carry on.

All of our children are with us in memory every day, even now, but holding them and looking at them (even though they are wooden angels) makes me thankful for them, even sad, and I do my best to feel the sadness fully because it is a gift that we can FEEL. I'm also moved to feel grateful for the two children we did get to keep, and that leads me to be thankful for so much more.

Make a list, write it.

It seems trivial, making a list of things we are thankful for, but it works. I am all about being real, and if you have too much yuck on your mind to come up with the good, then write the yuck out first, and then circle around to focus on what your really want.. goodness.

Define that goodness. Know what it feels like and what it looks like. Visualize your hopes and dreams every day and more importantly, FEEL your success in this area. What do sucessful people say? How do they act? What does everyone else look like when YOUR dreams come true? If you need help to get there, reach out.

This is the journey.

This is our life.

We only get one life, so let’s get on it!

Happy New Year!

Love Dr. Brookh

Hi! I'm Brookh. I'm a mother, wife, chiropractor, and coach for people who want to live a more vibrant life and know that we all need a cheerleader who can help us move toward the life of our dreams. I LOVE creating simple ways to succeed. What is your biggest challenge for the New Year?

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