Ha! Happy Holidays!

My dear friends,

Here we are close to the holidays and without a doubt most of us feel an array of emotions; happy and hopeful, and maybe sadness or discontent as well. 

We want to feel the Joy of Christmas, but we are often too busy to rest and breathe it all in.

There is only one message that I wish to share with you today, an invitation from my heart and soul for you to feel. FEEL.

This season I am begging you to feel all that you feel. The good, the bad and everything in between. In fact, I am also asking you to begin processing those emotions by writing them down. 

Everything is going to be okay. 

Let the words flow from within you, out through the pen to the paper. Include what this means to you and whatever else you remember about this feeling. 

Then please honor what is revealed to you by rereading it, and smiling. You have everything you need.

Smile at that stuff because it’s real

It’s true.

Even if others try to manipulate you, you are free to allow that, or not. Either way, smile with peace because they may not know what we know. 

We know that we have power in truth. Power in being conscious with the good and the bad equally. It's okay, we don't have to shy away from the truth. We don't have to focus on it either, or be a victim, but each can have it's proper timing. 

YOU are important.

So if you are having a tough time this season, ask yourself why? What are you feeling? What are you doing? Who is around you? What are you gaining or missing that feels wrong? You have a unique set of experiences that have led you to right where you are and all of us are a work in progress. Exploring the answers to these questions is part of the work of releasing it. It's time to release it because all this crap layers on to us like heavy rags and burden our light. Let it come through you and be freed because you are ripping us all off when you don't shine.

We need your brilliance.

Also, remember that good comes with bad. There is a balance so once you’ve acknowledged the sadness or overwhelm, decide if there is happiness to turn your attention toward.

Maybe it’s not happiness per se, maybe it’s joy to be alive, thankful that today you didn’t ‘wake up dead’. It’s a joking phrase, but not all of us will have that blessing this holiday season. 

Do what you must.

In the spirit of peacefulness with my own family, I will resume our blogs in January with renewed purpose and excitement that comes from disconnecting and reconnecting with loved ones.

Until then, remember that you are free to create the happy family of your dreams but your arms will have to be open to receive it. What must you let go? Let the paper take that on, and as always, I’d pray about it. Give it to God who can handle all the things that come.

You have purpose.

You are Loved and when you are ready to move to the next level and better relate your work or volunteer life to the joy and ease you experience in your family, I am ready when you are.

Thank you for reading my blogs, liking & sharing my posts and for living this great life with me. We never know what's around the corner but I am happy to be on the journey with you.

Merry Christmas, and if you enjoy another celebration at this time, I wish you all the joy of the season.

Love Brookh