Welcome to Only the H is Silent!

Welcome to the inaugural post of Only the H is Silent!

First, a HUGE thank you to Denise Dion, who’s brilliant mind came up with the title, and a big thanks to YOU, for joining me here. 

This first entry has been written and re-written probably 10 times (30?). What story to share, what message to begin with? I’ve worried about this post because I want to help, I want to be the best I can be, and I know you want the same. There are literally thousands of ideas, hundreds of client stories, (plus my own) to share, so where could I possibly begin.

Begin here:

Families matter, and while there is an endless supply of suggestions and ideas, you are unique. What matters most is that you find ways that work for you, fulfilling your families hopes and desires. We will cover all kinds of thoughts and ideas, all intended to lead you to your own personal best experience on this planet. 

This is Why:

So here it is, although the best way to relate my thoughts is through my stories, this blog isn’t about me. It’s about you.

It’s about your life and your specific needs. It’s about the struggle to figure out what you really want, and why you are not getting that. It’s about your desire to be more, have more, do more, see more, all while wondering how you will ever accomplish that without a single minute to spare in the life you have today.

It’s about your questions and me doing everything I can to answer them.

So whether you’re looking for a few tweaks or a whole life overhaul, I ask you to do 3 things:

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    3    Leave a comment about where you’re thriving or struggling and how I can help

Leave a comment. Sharing where you’re struggling

Your comments are important to me, I will read them and respond. Ask questions. Share Only the H, with your friends. This is important because future blogs depend on knowing what you need.

Let’s get right to the business of finding ways to discover what you really want and then give you the support and ideas you need to get there. 

Life is a journey, and it’s a much better ride when we do it together. 

Here’s how: 

I’m listening, and every week I will share something I hope helps you. I don’t simply want to amuse you with how I have gotten through the mistakes I’ve made. I want to inspire you to remember who you really are and help you LIVE with more zest and more peace. Also, most blogs will include a link so you can hear me read the words. You have already shared that my voice is soothing and gives you confidence, I hope it helps you.

My goal is simple:

I want to change your life. Even if we’ve never meet, YOU are important and if you are not living your best life, then your impact in the world is not what it could be and that impacts your family, coworkers and changes the world.

So, sign up


Take notice




and repeat

Please share this message with your friends.

I am really excited to see you here every week, 


About the Author: Dr. Brookh Lyons is the Founder of Willow Circle, a multi generational community of support. Her first book, The Envelope System, is a way for fathers to connect with their daughter, so she will grow up knowing she is loved and supported. The concept works for all people. We all need more of that. For more of Brookh’s story, go Here an Here

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