Why can't I be happy just being me?

Do you ever have so much to do that you don’t know where to begin, so you get overwhelmed and find yourself eating leftovers from your kid’s dinner (when you really want to lose 10 lbs)? 

Yup, here we are blog number 2 and using one of my pre-written blogs posts just seems wrong. So today, I’m going to share what the past few years have looked like in preparation for Only the H is Silent, because the name was chosen over 2 years ago by my friend Denise Dion, a multi talented woman who I’ve known since 1994. Yes, two years went by before I published the first blog. 

So here’s the problem; I didn’t have the confidence to know what my message was and all the big wigs counseled me not to begin blogging until I knew what I wanted to say. 

First let me clearly state; we know what to do. 

“No I don’t”

Yes, you do…

I knew what to do, but I let myself be swayed by asking others to control my life. No, I never said those words, but I paid people, asked people, and settled back into my scared self, allowing them to tell me what to do, or I did nothing at all. I called it trust. 

It was not trust. It was was a distrust in myself and because being honest is important, it was also a mistrust in our free will, which exists so we can take action. Inaction is pretty common but it is not the path that will lead us to the greatness that we really are. Nor will it lead us to our unique beauty.

Unless we are very conscious, it’s people who we look to for clarity who have the power. But I promise that when we are given the freedom and the encouragement to LOOK in to our own heart, we truly do know what to do. We are so conditioned to look to others that we lose precious time trying to do things their way when our answers are here, right here in our heart. Distrust is not taught in so many words, but we learn early-on (in childhood) to not trust others, and perhaps worse, we learn to NOT trust ourselves. 

For several years, I owned and published a popular family magazine. There are many wonderful lessons I learned in those days but the most appropriate to share today is that every family is different, so even the best ideas, the most sculpted plan, with the most energetic follow-through may just not be right for our family.

But that doesn’t excuse us from having a plan and if we have a partner, it needs to be a plan we both know about and agree upon, because everything we do is either going to lead us toward that thing we want most in the world, or be dragging us away from it.

One day all of us stop and look around.

When we do, will we know how we got here or will we be like most people and be absolutely lost in a world full of things we don’t want, living in a life we barely recognize?

You can have it either way.

It's time to decide; either you will keep going as you are, or find a way to step forward knowing that when you do, your steps will be blessed, or, maybe you will be redirected? Either way, what steps are you wiling to take, to get to where you want to go

Or will you continue to coast? 

You can have it either way.

Thank you for meeting me here. You are important.



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