Part 2: A gentle push from Willow

A gentle push from Willow

When my friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I could not let his teenage daughter go throughout life without him, although inevitably that would be the case. I had always wanted a relationship with my dad, where I could share my toughest times and be listened to, and understood. I wanted his support and advice in tough times, not be ignored and reminded that we only share good times, (not bad). Life is filled with moments where we could use a strong figure to have our back, but not every parent knows how to be that pillar for their child(ren). I knew I could help my friend, knew how important his support would be to his daughter, and I wanted to help him give his daughter more of what she needed.

With that thought, I wrote my first book, The Envelope System, Create Your Legacy Through Letters To Your Daughter. My book became a way for him to communicate to his daughter when she will need him most; birthdays, graduations, when she thinks she’s found “the one”, marriage, sex, when she has a mean boss, or just when she has a great day and wishes he was with her, or crappy day and she needs his back up and to hear that everything is going to be okay. Parents and grandparents are important to their children and without the things we wished we’d heard from them, or resolution of the things we wish they’d been for us, a hole is dug in our soul. Most of us have many holes that we fall in to in life, falsehoods that we learned about ourselves and the world around us. 

I received another gentle push when a friend of mine, Nicole, was brutally murdered. The loss of this vibrant, intelligent, loving, strong woman shook me to the core. We don’t really truly know what that means unless it happens and I can tell you that it was as if huge hands had wrapped themselves around my heart and began to shake forcefully until the crust and the complacency fell off, exposing me and who I am to the core. It only took a few days after her death for me to know that I must. MUST. get my programs ready to help parents be better and stronger. We cannot allow our children to grow up thinking they are the cause of our sadness, anger and frustration. They are not. WE are the reason. 

At about the same time as Nicole’s death, several other revelations came about, all showcasing the dire need for change in our emotional health.

I want to help you find your holes and walk with you as you look in to them, investigate what you find and discover that they are not so big and scary afterall. I’ve never had a patient, client or friend who didn’t know instinctively what to do, it’s just that we lose our focus along the way, life gets so busy that we just forget how to think, and process and make decisions.

But you can.

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