Part 3: Turning tragedy in to our greatest gifts

Willow Circle

I have always tended to feel more emotion than other people. I was raised believing this was a fault, it is actually a gift that makes me an outstanding doctor, healer and parent. It has helped me sense a great need, especially for mothers, to be loved and supported. (Then I realized that without a strong and kind male influence, it almost seems like half of our spirit is underdeveloped, so men became my focus as well.) 

There is so much happiness in raising our children, but that’s not where we tend to trip up. I want a place to celebrate and share my good ideas and I recognize that so many others can contribute from their experiences. I want a place where we share what we know and get what we need, because we were not meant to parent alone. Parenting is hard and without help, or guidance, we stumble and sometimes fall. Imagine the parent you could be if you were supported, loved and assisted. I want more of that and I want to offer the same to you! This is why I created Willow Circle.

Willow Circle is a place where we come together as a global family to share ideas, help out when needed and offer our experiences. Young and old, near and far, we want to be needed, to feel important and we can do that by sharing our stories. Not all of it, if that’s not for you, but our experience matters and your ideas and life are important to our family dynamics. Yes, YOURS!

Willow’s presence is the support structure that helped me come to peace with my life. My children and husband helped me change what I’d learned, and sweet Nikki helped me rise up and take every step necessary to move forward. 

It’s time to step forward. You have ideas, you have thoughts and dreams and YOU are needed. There have been many people along the way who have shown me grace and great love. Their story, or what they taught me, has convinced me that I can share my life with you to help lift your burden, and help you soar. I'll share their stories soon, but for now I ask that you realize how important you are to the people around you, and take a bold step toward the freedom you truly desire.

You can do it alone, but when you let me help you, you will go places faster and more powerfully than you might even imagine. You are not alone.

How would you like to be more supported and loved?
What have been the most difficult times in your life?
What nugget of gold did you learn from those times? (A tool, a thought or an action?)

It’s okay if you can’t get there .. yet. This is a journey, and it honors and thrills me to be walking with you.

With love, Brookh xo


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About the Author: Dr. Brookh Lyons is a personal coach and author.  She helps families decide what they really need, make their own path, and find the confidence to make steps toward the healthy family of their dreams. To make an appointment, visit her online, Here