Lesson 9: Vulnerability, a good thing or a source of pain?

Dear Reader, Like you, I'm on a journey of listening to my heart more, focussing on what's truly important to me and my family, and letting go of the fluff and sticky crap that holds me down. These are the lessons I'm learning every day. I hope you can relate. Join me, let's walk together. Love Brookh


Making decisions from a small, scared place brings a small scared result.

Do I want to live Small?

I thought I was afraid.

I was not afraid.

I was trained to be small and when we feel small we are vulnerable. 

Not vulnerable in a way that frees us to live authentically, but vulnerable in a way that makes us feel scared.

That’s why, when we talk about being vulnerable we balk and unconsciously close our heart from the pain of feeling unsafe and afraid. Unloved.

When we close our heart. Our heart is closed.

Then we wonder why we lack the vibrancy we SO desire, and we feel defective, like we can’t succeed and so … we lay the ground ahead of us with seeds of doubt and we wonder why our road is so bumpy?

What have you been doing to sabotage your success? You know what it is, or maybe you are ready to reconnect and make better decisions, but you're scared to be hurt again. You're scared to betray yourself, again. To fail, again. To not measure up, again.

Be gentle with your surroundings, we are all trying to get our needs met but here's what I want you to do. I ask you to take this moment to put your hand over your heart. Both hands if you can. Close your eyes, (even if there are kids running around, but not if you're driving). ;)

Take these few seconds to check in and ask yourself, "What do I need to do right now?"

Your Spirit knows. You will not likely hear, "do the dishes", your reply will be something that leads you to yourself (God-centered), and leads you to joy, to health or to whatever you need so deeply right now, that it will change your world. (Caveat: maybe the message IS to do dishes. If that is truly your message, it's okay. Do what your heart leads you to do.)

This is the release. Vulnerability in it's strongest form is a release of the things that can be judged or conformed to fit another persons will. 

Like the rest of us, I go in and out of the habit of doing, "hand over my heart" reconnection every morning when I wake up. When I do center my thoughts on what God wants me receive, I almost always hear, "Walk Sophie", our Golden-doodle. It don't always think it can fit in my schedule but I know now to make it work because when I obey the calling of my heart, I hear the call more often, and, when I listen and obey, something good always happens.

When we listen and obey, something always happens for our advancement.

This is how we change the world, and if that statement scares you, GOOD. You're playing small hurts us all.

Start with asking yourself, "What do I need right now".

If you can relate, let me know in the comments below.  

Love Brookh

Hi! I'm Brookh - a wife, mother and life-adventurer who lost her way, and reset. As a family-living coach I am committed to helping women find their great value between work, volunteering and family-time so you have more real, deeper, long-lasting connection with your loved-ones by doing what works best for your individual journey. We all have ideas of our 'Dream Family', but yours doesn't look like anyone else's, and that's a good thing. Today reach for your dreams with purpose and direction.

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