Lesson 6. The ideals of others have nothing to do with YOUR needs (and a gift to download)

Dear Reader, Like you, I'm on a journey of listening to my heart more, focussing on what's truly important to me and my family, and letting go of the fluff and sticky crap that holds me down. These are the lessons I'm learning every day. I hope you can relate. Join me, let's walk together. Love Brookh


The ideals of others have nothing to do with MY needs.

Who am I to say I should be skinny? Maybe carrying this weight is the only way my spirit could get my attention? Sure, I can loose weight, (and I do, over and over again), but until I register whole-heartedly with what this weight is about, it will keep knocking on my door, asking me to pay attention and heal the wound (or accept the message) that it carries.

Let it go.

If everything happens for reason, which I fully believe, then the extra fat I carry has purpose. If I want it gone, then my journey is not to restrict calories or become a super gym Ninja. 

Everything is a gentle call from our spirit to feel, know or be something our true self. 

You matter.

That’s what I’m hearing.

What if the end goal we strive for is just a motivator to get us moving so our steps can be blessed, and (possibly) redirected? The key to this experiment lays in the ask, and that the ‘1 thing’ changes every thing, and it change from day to day. (That reminds me, I have a free gift for you, read on ...)

I want to be chill in my body, vibrant in my interactions, hold nothing back from anyone because then I feel like I’ll be free being me. It's a start and I hope to graciously accept any direction corrections because I can feel the call to be more of myself than I was last year. 

More than I was a minute ago, before I had the privileged of typing these words and connecting with you from the deepest most vulnerable and available parts of me, the parts that remind us that we are connected, even if that’s scary.

Essentially, these seemingly unfavorable things that I have perceived as bad (fat for example) brought me to you, so I ask, was my thought really negative, or created to be negative? This is why I think we must listen. Is there another way? I think there is.

Here’s what I’ve been doing. I created a printable gift for you (below) to do the same!


When I wake up I thank God that I get another day!

I put my hands over my heart and I say “good morning!”, to myself. 

Then I ask myself, “What do I need to do today?”

Then I wait.



Be patient with yourself if it take a few minutes or a few days of trying, and use your daily log. I hope it brings you awareness and joy. 

Note of Love: My first reply, (to myself) was ‘take the dog for a walk’. So I did. 

(We must be obedient when we get messages from our heart). Walking the dog was not on my agenda for the day, but it turns out that the clear crisp morning air was exactly what I needed to brighten my mood and clear my mind = positive outlook. 

That one thing that we’ve been ignoring needs our attention… but don’t be tricked in to thinking it’s one thing. I use the hand on my heart trick all day long, and the results have been very powerful. Right now you have the power to ask and to act. You ARE powerful right now.

I hope you love the gift!

This is how to LIVE! Let me know what's calling you because we are in this journey alone, but together.

Love Brookh

click here for your free pdf gift

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