Lesson 3. You must truly care about yourself. Autonomy 101.

Dear Reader, Like you, I'm on a journey of listening to my heart more, focussing on what's truly important to me and my family, and letting go of the fluff and sticky crap that holds me down. These are the lessons I'm learning every day. I hope you can relate. Join me, let's walk together. Love Brookh


We are on our own journey, so live and let live.

I've talked about feeling annoyed when my husband doesn’t push me to do what's best for me. Even though, I also thank God for that, because it's really annoying when someone injects their wisdom when we are not ready for it. 

I even caught myself thinking .. “If he cared about me he’d beg me to take care of myself.” But that is complete B.S.!

In a moment of beautiful clarity (ahhh), I realized it’s not his job to tell me what to do. I am MY OWN responsibility. 

I. ME. MYSELF. must make the commitment and decide to make choice that lead to better health, happier days, a smaller clothing size and because I am responsible for myself only, (and for a short while for our children, who deserve to learn freedom from my example). I’m not even responsible for my husband. 

The short story is that I can’t change him and he can’t change me. It’s a basic premise of marriage or any relationship, but that day when I was annoyed, I realized that without a doubt that IT IS TIME for me to care about myself because that feeling of not being important enough, was causing me to finish everyones plates after dinner, not walk the dog, and a whole list of simple things I could do better (and really enjoy!!!) if I truly registered how important I am in the eyes of my Creator, and to the children and friends that I have been placed within.

It’s time to TRULY care about myself.

I will not make an empty promise, (which is why I rarely make new year’s resolutions), but I have come to realize that I’ve been paddling on even water that has become all too familiar, (with the occasional tsunami to keep things exciting. Right?!) and I want to maneuver through some mountains, enjoy some white water and have a view.

The mistake lots of us make when we feel this way is assuming the people around us are the cause of those boring trees we see everyday, but it's us. What if we changed our view by that one degree? Would the sun fall differently on their hair, and make them look better to us? Would we then, (possibly?), feel better about our ability to love them forever, or even find the freedom to belt out a powerful ROAR of gratitude and love once in a while? Could we then see the world from the top of the valley, instead of deep in the bottom of it?

The truth is we all know what to do, we all know it will make a terrific difference and we just actually have to do it.

And so I am. 

Doing it.

Each day I will share the journey. Are you 'Adulting' well or hoping others will tell you what to do? Please share a truth you are dealing with in the comments below. I invite you to join me.

B xo

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