Mass shootings are trying to show us something

"Praying that we can begin to listen to each other through our hearts"

One of my Facebook friends posted this plea this morning and it is exactly what I thought about when I heard there was another mass shooting.

It's not about the gun, knife, or the bombs, nor the car they drove into a crowd, it's that people are feeling ignored and unheard in a time when we're in constant communication with each other. There is no space to feel connected.

We hold on to antiquated beliefs, hoping that things will turn out, but it's a fantasy. 

Life is not all happy moments. Life really does include the bad moments but we try to 'move past' those, "put it behind us", and that my friends is a great way to keep on having that gift show up.

Ever wonder why the same thing keeps happening over and over? Why we can't shake a bad thing? 

The dark should not have control but with our ever-seeking pursuit of Joy, we are shunning the problems, (ignoring them in hopes that they just go away). You already know that ignoring a problem does not make it better, it tends to build pressure and get worse.

A hole in the water pipe will burst without your attention. Are you aware of the concept of Yin and Yang, good and bad, angel - devil, light and dark?

We've been trying to live only in the light (aka, the blessings, happiness, joy.. ) and that means that the bad things have been pushed down for so longthat they've created an energy that is pouncing back at us now.

It will not be ignored for long before the (human) pipes burst, like they did again today.

I don't know what this man's message was (Vegas shooting today) but I do know it's being lost in his choice about how to voice his concern. Oh I know, maybe he didn't have a reason, he could just be crazy, but HOW please tell, do people BECOME crazy? THAT is where we need to take action. Some say it's over prescribed drugs, mass vaccination, busy parents without the time to love their children, childhood chronic disease, obesity, (while we spend hours on social media)... judging is not what this is about, it's just the truth. 

The shooter knew it.. how else are we to be heard when there is so much noise?  

I wish he hadn't done it this way, innocent lives were lost , families undoubtedly will be broken apartand trust further eroded. Blame put on places that it does not belong because it's hard to look at ourselves and take responsibility for our action (or inaction).

Sheer terror. 

But we're missing the point.

We are being divided by our choices and we don't know how to communicate with each other anymore, (if we ever did? ) it's not our President.

Gasp! It's us. ALL of us.

If we are too busy to travel along side our loved ones and open our heart so they feel loved, nurtured or atleast heard, there is a danger that they will DO ANYthing to feel loved, nurture and heard.

Do something about thatbecause truly nothing else matters.  

"Praying that we can begin to listen to each other through our hearts"


Dr. Brookh Lyonsis a chiropractorwho noticed that telling people what to do for their health care wasn't working, so she started asking questions that lead her clients to making their ownstrong decisions.  In doing this, she observedthat most of us are operating on a system we created for survival as a child, but that system is no longer serving us(although we do everything to keep it going). It's time to break free . It's time to stop trying to 'feel' only the good and learn to live gracefully within both the good and the bad feelings so that we don't hold on to it, and we can release it and move on.  

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