Lesson 12: Drop Woulda, Coulda & Shoulda. Bye Bye!

My Spirit knows. 

Dear Reader, Like you, I'm on a journey of listening to my heart more, focussing on what's truly important to me and my family, and letting go of the fluff and sticky crap that holds me down. These are the lessons I'm learning every day. I hope you can relate. Join me, let's walk together. Love Brookh


I remember being torn. I had gone through a lot of schooling and had finally graduated. The debt and the responsibility of using my knowledge was enormous. Not just self-imposed, but by the judgement of other peoples expectations as well. 


The future I'd imagined didn't look like what was in front of me, and it was exhilarating, and frustrating.

It wasn't easy. It wasn't bad either. It was both, and worse, or better? LIFE is confusing and all I know looking back is that I jumped. I bat my wings as hard as I could. It wasn't always pretty,and even bumped into few trees, but I flew darn it and it was worth it!

Those are the good days, when I realize my value is in me, not in what I do for others. Sometimes I forget because let's face it, not many people talk that way. We aren't raised to believe we are worthy of being loved JUST because we are. But we ARE. I'll say it again; 

I am worthy of being loved JUST because I am, and you are too.

Your value is in you, not in what you do for others.

No one else in the world knows why you are here and what must happen to refine you and sculpt you into the best version of yourself. 

I try to heed the lessons that come my way because there are other days when I feel like I made all the wrong moves. Ever had one of those? When everything is blowing up around you and you feel like giving up? 

But don't.

And don't look back to Woulda, Coulda or Shoulda. They are an old dirty coat full of holes, crotchety and sticky and will not bring you joy.

"Here, wear this old coat, it will keep you frozen-out from everything you've ever wanted."

Woulda makes me think I should know everything. I don't.

Coulda eludes to the crystal ball none of us have.

And sweet, shameful shoulda tries to remind me that I am not good enough because of Woulda and Coulda.

They are 3 beacons of despair and when they try to talk with me I thank them for reminding me that they are trying to protect me, but their cloak of despair has worn out it's purpose.

Instead, I put on my wings and fly away because nothing hurts more than staying in the confines of the shame that we cover ourselves with.

YOU can succeed.

YOU ARE beautiful, and capable and worthy. Even if you think you're not, we're working on that.


If you can relate, reach out or let me know in the comments below.  

Love Brookh

Hi! I'm Brookh - a wife, mother and life-adventurer who lost her way, and reset. As a Women's Empowerment coach I am committed to helping women find their great value between work, volunteering and family-time so you have deeper, more real, and long-lasting connection with your loved-ones by doing what works best for your individual journey. We all have ideas of our 'Dream Life', but yours doesn't look like anyone else's, and that's a good thing. Today reach for your dreams with purpose and direction.

Fine Lioness, Dr. Brookh Lyons is a chiropractor, coach and workshop instructor on a quest to walk up that mountain, lean over the edge and ROAR at the top of her lungs. It's time to figure stuff out and become the best darn people we can.

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