VIP Lounge Ladies Week 1

Hello Ladies! 

What an incredible week we’ve had together! Thank you.

The FIRST two Brookh & Deanne shows were AMAZING! Did you join us? We hope you had a blast (like we did!) The feedback has been terrific with over 2000 views and nearly 1000 comments combined! WOW!

On a more personal level…

It feels really good to make a decision and follow through. 

That’s what some of us have been doing together in the VIP Lounge, with our 5 Days of Awareness Challenge. (We promise not to overwhelm you but there IS work to do ladies!)

Do you want a moment to yourself to look around and be more conscious about your life? That's what we're doing inside the group and we want you to join us.

We welcome you when you're ready.

Each morning this week we have the opportunity to join together at 8 AM Central for a Facebook LIVE connection in our private group. Feel free to go back and watch last weeks gatherings on our private VIP Lounge page. (Sign up for access to our positive women's group).

I will be on again every week day at 8 again this week to go through the awareness questions and spend some time chatting with you and sharing our lives. 

Watch when it’s convenient for you reach out, or contribute.

Here's our mission for the coming week:

1. Keep doing the awareness questions and check in with your soul every morning. Next week I will share a next step of this journey

2. WATCH The Brookh & Deanne Facebook LIVE Show Friday nights at 8 PM Central (PILOT shows are April 21, April 28, May 5, May 12, 2017).

Thank you for walking with us,

Brookh (& Deanne)

Nourish. Inspire. Laugh. (That's what we do!)

Check out Dr. Brookh's website for more info and join her on Facebook to catch the shows, and Dr. Brookh Lyons page for LOTS more good stuff!