Lesson 19: I keep saying that I am alone, guess what that brings more of?


My Spirit knows.

Dear Reader, Like you, I'm on a journey of listening to my heart more, finding & focussing on what's truly important to me and my family, and letting go of the fluff and sticky crap that holds me down. These are the lessons I'm learning every day. I hope you can relate. Love Brookh

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Today holds an interesting lesson because I realize that for many years I’ve been saying that “I don’t want to work alone anymore”, but yet, I’m still saying it and haven’t created change yet?

In fact, my current habits create more ‘alone’… but I don’t want to do it alone. 

How can I make this work?

I truly do love working from home and all of the conveniences that it provides me and my family, but apparently stronger than my desire to not be alone is that I also don’t want to work in an office. Freedom is important to me. Using my creativity is of paramount importance. I'm kind of a free thinker and I tend to go with the tide, but am I even truly doing that anymore?

The hard, heart-felt answer is ….No.

So I schedule lunches and tea time, which helps me get out and thankfully I am surrounded with inspiring women who are traveling similar journeys… and I get the chance to reflect through our interactions. But I am ignoring the bigger issue.

But change requires action.

I now what to do but I’m not doing it.

“I don’t want to do it alone anymore”… see how it comes back?

We can essential oil and bandaid the hell out of whatever is not healing in our life, but unless we remove the splinter, the problem will persist.

“Alone” is my splinter. (What’s your splinter?)

Of course I’m truly not alone, but when I was in the development phase of writing, The Envelope System, I learned that most women feel alone in a room full of people. Alas I am not alone! It was nice to find out that this was not a major defect in me (why do we think such things about our beautiful selves?) but I don’t want to be kumbaya-ing with friends in a stifling, smelly room either!

I used to see my need to have partnership as a weakness, but now I realize that it is a great strength that allows us to pull each other up, grate on each other to find healing, thought and persistence through whatever happens in our lives. 

There is something that is trying to get you attention.

Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself, “What do I need right now?”

Maybe you need to wrap your arms around yourself and breathe in the sweet clean breaths of the air that sustains us? Feel the sadness, the pain, the thing that is bothering you and then, as you breath out, release all the weight of the world that you’ve been holding on to.

Release that need.

Release that judgement.

Maybe you need help, I am here, and consider that regret is waisted moments unless we recognize that they are our trusted friends, trying to shed the light on something that is incomplete. You have everything you need, but we are not meant to do it alone.

While your hugging yourself, focus on the hug I am sending you now.

We are not alone.


If you can relate or want guidance, reach out or let me know in the comments below and go read more of my blogs. You have me, I wants the best for you.

Love Brookh

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