no one else can save you.

The key is to realize that we have it good right now. No matter what we're going through, we can choose to maneuver it with power, grace and ease. But we must decide or we will coast.

Coasting  is like  being in a boat  without an oar, (or resorting to social media instead of being in our own life) . The water will take us where it wants us to go; it will slam us against the rocks  and take us through the bumpiest path - the path of least resistance kills people because it has no focus, it has no triumph.  

Maybe it's time to put your oar in the water and start rowing for yourself?  

I am 48 years old and coasted most of my life allowing the needs of others to take precedence over my own. I learned their habits, their wording.  I used their ideas as if they were my own and created a life the feels foreign to me. Eventually I gained 40 pounds so not even my body was recognizable.

Worse, I made decisions that allow that to happen. I didn't know how to do it any other way but luckily I realize that changing my surroundings or my spouse is not the answer.

The answers lie within me, and in discovering who I am right now, (not who I used to be or who I thought I wanted to be), and what I really want to do in this big beautiful world. I get to decide or re-decide or change it (or keep it), everyday!

I wasn't solid In my own foundation, then I created my life from that shaky ground.

There is no looking back. There are no mistakes. Everything has perfect timing so all of this is being revealed because we have the opportunity right now to take inventory.  

Start taking inventory about where you've been and where you want to go because this fall I'm going to have something special to share so we can take this information and move forward  

We are here to help ourselves. This is not a selfish venture, it is a god-given gift and if we ignore it,  the opportunity will continue to present itself in worse and worse circumstances.  

Wake up to your life now! The things that are bothering you are meant to show you where to look,  and where to love.  

Can you do that?  Maybe you can,  I won't do it alone because I know there's a better way.

I rely on my heart to guide me, (it is my direct link to my Creator),  and coaches help me plan, design and create the life of my dreams and in my joy, failure and success,  I bring my family along for the ride.

And it's a good ride full of substance and flavor!

It all depends on how we look at it.    

Love Brookh xo  

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