Necessary Decimation

My dear friends, as you may know I lost all my computer documents last week. Instantly it felt like a necessary decimation, but a fire still because as a writer who writes every day, you can imagine how much is gone.


It is a great gift because while my computer is still at the shop, this time sans computer has provided an amazing opportunity to not constantly be writing ideas and checking social media.

I like it & will be removing the apps now for the summer.

If you are ready to make your life better & PM me to schedule an appointment for personal and lifestyle coaching, that is my superpower and you will quickly get the results you desire to lead your own family with more joy and more ease.

Here's my coaching gift to myself, I am leaving social media for the summer because;

I want my children to grow up knowing that I paid attention to them.

When they are doing activities I never want them to look at me and see me on my phone, (instead of looking back at them).

When they are with me and when they are not, I want them to know that I'm here (not just in flesh but) consciously, listening and interacting.

If a part of me needs a break, which I do now, I will not engage in social media that numbs me from my reality and steals minutes from my day, (and time from my sleep) but instead I will be strong enough to let everything else go so that I can recharge myself in the way that allows me to come back present. Sometimes all that means is closing the bathroom door so no one comes in and other times it will mean a vacation away from my family, with no regrets.

No offense  but I'm no longer interested in the daily activities  of everyone I know  at the expense  of my total health & the people I love. It's time to take care of myself better.  

We are here to learn and help ourselves. It is not a selfish venture, it is our God-given gift.

I may pop up here from time to time  to share  more gifts  but until then, I hope you enjoy  this season of your life  and live it in a way  that will lead you to a life of more happiness. 

Love Brookh