Eureka! Come with me!

Hello hello!

Life moves quickly and because you're reading along, I know that you're waiting for me to create something that (you know) will help you maneuvre your life with more grace and more ease.


I've been searching for a way to follow up with the classes, workshops and coaching and provide you with a way to be loved on & encouraged. I finally found it.

I'm creating a membership site for mothers with children of any age, who have realized that each stage of their children's life creates a new stage for the mother to maneuver. So often we get stuck in the stage before and don't realize that our kids need us to catch up so they can learn the life skills and confidence they need to fly beyond our nest. It's time that we mothers find our power to catch up and move forward as well.

I have teenagers myself so there will be a companion membership site officiated by myself and my daughter, Tori, for the teenage girls (we may open a boys group later).

KNOW that you do NOT need teenagers to join, this is simply a companion group we will be offering. The teenagers and the mothers will be going through the same program simultaneously although teenagers can join without her mother in the group and vice a versa because not all of us have teenagers but we do have life changes and awareness to keep up with.

Once a month, more if we need it, both groups will gather individually and together for a Q&A to discuss things the mothers are concerned with and marry them with what the kids are concerned with.

I plan to ask questions and help both learn to relate to the concerns of the other to create a plan to move forward with.

Both the mothers and the teenagers will be able to have conversations with their peers for information and support.

My hope is that as a mother finds her strength and power, that her example of change and caring about herself, will be the greatest education for her daughter <3 Our children of any age need this from us. We are always the example, and my super power is helping you LIVE that more congruently in the way you'd always envisioned and hoped for.

Another dream is that teenagers who are having a tough time communicating with their mother or, who don't have a mother in their life can be loved on and supported. We mom's need support and ideas too, this is going to be TERRIFIC!!!

I know you know a woman or a teenager who needs this type of love and support, so invite them to join our online girl time Facebook group, that I have now made public.

It's time to rock this life ladies!  

With unstoppable love for you,  I can finally stand in the power of my truth which is that I am here to serve you as we work together to make this world a better place. It all starts with us, and our children.  

Love Brookh

Comment below if you are exited about this, if it resonates, if you have a question, ASK! I love you. Bxo