Cries of my soul: Look at ME! Pay attention to ME!

My goal is to constantly get better at noticing the reminders.

Look around you. What's going on? A lot of great, I'm sure, but good stuff is not usually what trips us up is it?

We are constantly being reminded about things that need our attention.

It begins as a gentle knock; a misplaced word, a mistake that hurts us. We move on.

The next time hurts more, and probably creates a rift in a relationship or a shake in our foundation. We move on, this is life.

Then something really bad happens, a reminder that we are small, or incapable or out of control. We know this to be true because this same experience keeps coming up ... and we believe that bullshit. Worse, because it must be true we begin to support it.

What if we could gently pull back the layers of protection that have covered our experiences and be supported through finding more vibrancy in ourselves? What if we realized that all the good we desire is all wrapped up with the tough stuff we were never taught to process? What if we could do that with other trustoworthy people who want the same freedom?

This is what I am creating for you.

My goal is to constantly get better at noticing the reminders.

I received another gentle push when a friend of mine, Nicole, was brutally murdered. The loss of this vibrant, intelligent, loving, strong woman shook me to the core. We don’t really truly know what that means unless it happens and I can tell you that it was as if huge hands had wrapped themselves around my heart and began to shake forcefully until the crust and the complacency fell off, exposing me and who I am to the core. It only took a few days after her death for me to know that I must. MUST. get my programs ready to help parents be better and stronger.

We cannot allow our children to grow up thinking they are the cause of our sadness, anger and frustration. They are not. WE are the reason. 

At about the same time as Nicole’s death, several other revelations came about, all showcasing the dire need for change in our emotional health. We only get this chance. One life. Join me to see what we can find.

Why re-invent the wheel? Join us for updates. You are not alone.