Walk softly, and carry a big stick

Please welcome guest writer, Oyashun Jacqui. Jacqui and I met as professional dancers/cheerleaders for the CFL and bonded through the power of women. Her story inspired me to include her grandmothers wisdom (the stick in the imagery of ROAR), and so, the Legacy she created during her time on this earth continues to positively impact our lives today. Thank you Jacqui, Love Brookh

THE MEANING OF SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE ..and its practical application to daily life.

“Walk softly, and carry a big stick" African Proverb

My late grandmother had many sayings that I have never forgotten. They have guided me through many highs and lows in my life. As women in a modern hyper-social world the quest for empowerment, fulfillment, and peace of mind can be challenging. Especially if we make that quest a public, social media scrutinizing affair, when in fact it is a personal and inward journey. The lessons of my grandmother and those of my parents were forged in a less scrutinizing time and I am forever grateful. On the other hand, the age of information and social media sharing has led me to much understanding of the symbolic language my grandmother often used. One simple saying of which embodies the whole of life and its understanding. 

“All that in the show"

I’m sure we can all recall a time when told as children (because as adults we find out why and how so we don’t have to be told) not to do something, but did that something anyways and either had fun and enjoyed ourselves or suffered the not so fun consequences. My grandmother would always say “All that in the show" words that would always come with a comforting hug when us kids would inevitably come crying about the not fun consequences of living life. I had no idea how that show of love would impact how I handled the ups and downs of my adult life. It was simple logic not fully understood by my young self but as I grew into an independent, responsible, fun loving woman it became a cornerstone of my understanding of life. As the years have gone by those words became my mantra, that no matter what was happening mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically to me all of it was part of the “show of life". To really understand, embrace and live the deep meaning of those simple words became a quest and a few years back I came across an African proverb I was deeply drawn to…

“Walk softly, and carry a big stick".

I though about what my grandmother always said…”All that in the show" and realized what I had found was the how of accepting and living by the saying… “All that in the show". I had found the keystone. It is one thing to say that simple saying…but quite another thing to understand how to live it.

So let’s look at this keystone by breaking it down in order to understand it. To “carry a big stick is to embody KNOWLEDGE, LOVE, and WILL. To embody this enables one to “walk softly”  in this world along ones chosen path to embrace and live  the reality of “All that in the show".

WILL ~ Our WILL in the form of our desires, passions and fears underlies our self-determination and empowerment. This is why they are constantly used to manipulate us, and why our lack of knowledge and management of them leads to our disempowerment and eventual enslavement to them. In order to manifest a “WILL TO POWER" we must manage our desires, passions and fears. To do this we must ask of ourselves ....What do I really want and need from life? When was the last time you asked and answered that question of yourself…truthfully? You cannot ask and find the answer to that question without some time in absolute solitude to find out. You cannot find the answer to that question in partnerships or groups. You cannot run from, stifle, imitate others, apologize for, or explain away your desires, passions and fears. You cannot lie to yourself about this. This is an answer gained only in solitude, during times of knowledge seeking and reflection. To ask the question is easy, to be honest with the answer is the hard part. To “walk softly" with your answer is the key. To carry your truthful answers is your big stick.

LOVE~  There is nothing so confusing and misunderstood by so many, yet so simple once you finally understand…as Love. Simply put …love is attraction and repulsion. There are no half truths. I think the half we have most issues with is the repulsion. We refuse to face this side of love, which is simply… that which is parted from, is received somewhere else. Love which is  attraction is never lost when it manifests as repulsion,  is it always received somewhere else. This is a fundamental Law of the Universe from atoms to man. It is a constant coming together, and a constant falling apart, and a constant coming together again sometimes in a different space and time. This is true no matter what we are talking about in this universe….this is LOVE. To face and embrace both, and the many degrees in between is to live in reality. In all we do and all we are we must remember the whole truth of life and love ….”All that in the show"…and all is integral to our growth and ultimate maturation. This is empowerment, this understanding bolsters our Will. This is the truth in all areas of universal activity. This is the whole truth of Love. Walking softly with this truth about love…is carrying a big stick.

KNOWLEDGE~  There are no bounds to what can be learned and ultimately understood. Especially in this time of unlimited access to knowledge. This is why modern society coins such terms as “info wars".  There is a tacit understanding of how valuable knowledge  and information is. What resonates with you is for you and is for you the truth in any given time or space. This is called the Universal Law of Resonance based off of who we are, we are drawn to what resonates with us. This is why it is of utmost importance to Know and be able to effectively manage yourself...mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Once you know yourself better, you must do better for yourself. The keys to true knowledge of any kind, whether you seek it because you are attracted or repulsed…is to satisfy the who?, what?, when?, where?, why?, and how? of the knowledge/information you seek. Most forget the last seekers question….the HOW?. The how? affords you the ultimate in understanding and allows you the ability to do or not to do. It gives you the ability to act or not. Always remember to seek out the how. You walk softly and carry the mother stick of them all when you ask how? 

Ultimately this is what it means to walk softly and carry the big sticks of the knowledge of yourself, love and acceptance of yourself which then affords a Will that leads to self empowerment, and understanding. With this you can manage your desires, passions, and face and overcome your fears. You will not be manipulated by them, others will not be able to use them against you. You do not have to convince anyone else of the truth and understanding of yourself. Just know it and live it, and in so doing you might inspire those around you to do the same. You know, after all of the above is said …my grandmother had another saying….

Those who can’t hear, must feel.”

Oyashun Jacqui 

I am that I am, first and foremost. I am also a mother of 2 beautiful young men. A friend and lover to the man I chose to walk this journey of life with, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I am an Entrepreneur by day and a practical Mystic for life, a seeker after truth always with love.