Mom - The Flu Is Not Sexy

Reports are everywhere that people are dying from the flu.

The flu isn't killing people, it's our weakened immune systems and the increased virulence of these diseases because we are manipulating them.

We make the situation worse when we use meds or a flu shot that has been deemed ineffective against the flu, but it IS 100% filled with things that are toxic so your body is forced to have to deal with that instead of keeping you healthy - it's fighting sickness that we injected straight into our body because we're scared of getting sick?

Maybe we are not allowing ourselves to get sick enough? Maybe we are missing the immune muscle-building colds, flus and chickenpox that our ancestors experienced as normal childhood diseases so their immune system would be strong and capable?

What if we allowed our kids to get dirty, didn't use antibacterial wipes (as we are now told not to from the same entity that deemed them to be safe) and allowed our ecosystem to contain bacteria (flora) that also fight FOR us? ( Inside our gut and on our skin?

Why is it you think people these days can't handle that? Or can't they?

Is what we're doing now truly going to bring us to health?

Does anyone even care about that??

Maybe that doesn't sound too sexy but some things are going to have to change.

Look up Chiropractic during the flu epidemic. It's astounding how many people receiving Chiropractic Care survived compared to those without.

There are simple things available but at the moment our healthcare does not support the human body - it undermines it.

It's really upsetting because that's why we are where we are. Unfortunately the fear created by this reporting about the flu won't likely help us make better choices because we are still running away from sickness and that is making us sick.

Better choices are made when we're walking towards health, but that's tougher to do.

Xo Dr. Brookh