What will you pay for a life worth living? How do you get more?

By now you're feeling the freedom 

Imagine what your life looks like when you spend less time catching up and more time doing things you enjoy? Will you read a book freely with your kids, have time to cook a nice healthy meal? Will you ask a friend to go for a walk and laugh while you move your body?

By letting go of clutter (in our recent challenge) you were PAID with Personal Power.

Personal Power is the most valuable currency in the world because we must earn it for ourselves. It cannot be purchased, encouraged, nor given. It cannot be transferred. And most importantly, the life of your dreams is paid with Personal Power.

We all crave more
Personal Power. We wither away and get lost in the needs of everyone around us when our Personal Power is low. Without the spark that gives meaning to everything we do, we do more of what is less important and less that we feel connected to. It's a backwards way to live.

Children earn their power with the freedom to explore and play, and we do too.

Adult's need play, and when we decide to do something and we follow through - THAT'S FUN! - and we want more of that. The trouble is that there is no room in our busy life to fit in more goodness.  There is a point when even good things feel badly because they bring added responsibility and running time.

Could the decluttering of our stuff be related to the decluttering of our life? 

We must make room.

If during this Decluttering you felt yourself recharging with Personal Power, I want you to hit reply and let me know.

What have you gained with this challenge? Maybe you gained an organized drawer you love to open now or a realization about your life and something you wish to change. I want to know.

And when you do I'll give you an "OH YEAH, Lady", because you deserve the recognition!

I'm working on something special to help you have more fun and accomplishment what is meaningful for to you. More on that soon so today - keep going.

Keep decluttering, donating, throwing the trash out and as you do, begin to wonder what will change in your life when you no longer carry some of the thoughts and clutter that keep you laying in bed worrying about tomorrow.
Have a beautiful day ladies!

xo Love Dr. Brookh

Dr. Brookh Lyons helps mothers become confident and empowered women so they can raise children to thrive in today's world. If you want the support you need to lay in bed feeling the grounding peace of doing it your own way, and knowing you are enough (and even ROCKING your life and mothering), Click HERE  to sign up for the waitlist. We will let you know when Femelle: The Confident Mom Club is opening again.

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Dr. Brookh lives in Green Bay, WI with her husband Dan, their two teenagers and fur-baby named Sophie. She has earned her doctorate, run a practice, homeschooled, published a magazine, and so far her children have survived (FLOURISHED).

"The future has yet to reveal itself so let's enjoy today. THIS moment. THIS life we have today."  - Dr. Brookh Lyons