Mind Over Matter: It’s only paint

Have you ever moved so fast and freely on a decision that you could almost feel the wind in your hair? As you gallop into the sunset (accomplishing your desires effortlessly) your body begins to feel at ease, (you smile), and you can feel the grounding power mounting with every step. Ah! It feels so good to make our own powerful choices. 

- But then everything stops suddenly.

The momentum ends and the joyous ride is over when you feel your body flailing forward into a pile of manure.

It happens to all of us. 

We are free-flowing and then sometimes our mind catches up with us and everything stops. It can be so frustrating.

With the taste of freedom still on our lips, we can’t choose the simplest things and all of a sudden waves of those negative things we say about ourselves creep into our mind.

“I’ve never had this problem, 

What’s WRONG with me?”

Two things can make all the difference here:

1. ask a better question

2. take time to be curious

Do you remember in grade school where you were assigned the task of writing out the question as part of your answer?

The question - "What’s wrong with me" …. then becomes “What’s wrong with me IS…..”

That question is the manure we fall into.

Instead, when we take the time to be curious (meditate, pray, paint, take a bath, pet the dog, or stare at the trees), questions arise that deepen our decision making because in our full presence we are deeply connected and will get to the root of the intention.

Curiosity brings us to “What is really going on here?”

“What CAN I do to make this work?”

“Does it really matter if I do this task?”

Can't choose a paint colour or decide where to go for dinner?

It's only paint (or whatever). Just start - you can change your mind later and do-over.

Stop worrying and do it.

Or, walk away with the power of making that decision.

When you feel yourself in the doo doo, reach out. Power comes when we do a thing that empowers us and when we take action in our life and community to support one another. Being together (even in its difficulty) creates a life of substance. 

xo Dr. Brookh

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