1 Thing That Will Reduce Clutter and Change Your Life

This message is for you if you have already downloaded my free 6 Pillars for The Confident Mom. If you don't already have the 6 Pillars, it's a free gift that can change your life and with that, change your family's life. (You can receive it through this LINK)

Otherwise, if you already have the 6 Pillars. I want you to grab a regular binder and place your 6 Pillars worksheet inside for reference. 

I know, simple right? But here is why this is SO important. One is because of clutter. If you don't have a place to put this valuable assessment it will lay around and gather other pieces of paper that you have to sort. Eventually, it will probably even end up in the recycle bin (God forbid the landfill) so take care of it.

This 6 Pillars is no ordinary little sheet of paper. It holds the GOLD that is your life right now. In the future when you realize things have changed in your life again (let's face it, life is always changing) your 6 Pillars is the key that will open the door to your past so you can look back and get a realistic snapshot of what you were doing then, versus what are doing right now. This way you will have your own experience and power to rely on. It will remind you about what was working and what you could use to tweak this or that, here and there from your own family experience.

I am ALL FOR working together, but you are doing a great job already... so use what you know to get what you need (not what anywone else tells you that you need).

I recommend that you do this 6 Pillar work 3-4 times a year because it will keep you grounded. Months or even years from now as your life changes, (sometimes life changes in BIG ways but usually in small ways that still merit our love and attention) you can look back on what has worked for your own family in the past and the 6 Pillars will also alert you to notice what may have worked in the past but is no longer serving your current needs (and might need to change). 

Habits are great when they bring us more of what we want to stay on top of, and this is a  habits (this simple exercise) so that you can provide yourself with the power to see and decide what you want to keep, change and how you wish to change it. 

This is what we do in Femelle, The Confident Mom Club. If you want to know when The Confident Mom Club opens up again Click HERE so you can really get into this stuff in simple, easy to swallow tasty morsels (without the overwhealm of a program).

While you are not obligated to join, I hope you do!

You’re going to love it!

xo Dr. Brookh

Dr. Brookh Lyons helps mothers become confident and empowered women so they can raise children who can thrive in today's world. If you want the support you need Click HERE  to sign up for the waitlist. We will let you know when Femelle: The Confident Mom Club is opening again.

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"The future has yet to reveal it's so let's enjoy today. THIS moment. THIS life we have today." - Dr. Brookh Lyons