Let's Purge! Never sort the same thing twice

All families have hidden treasure troves of clutter they need to go through and purge!

The good thing is that some of the stuff collecting dust around your home can be gifted or donated to someone else. Imagine blessing someone else with the things that were once holding you back? Talk about an easy WIN!

No one is spared the challenge of keeping up with the thing we accumulate from our life well-lived and unless you are super on top of things (which as a mom, HOW could we possibly ALWAYS be on top of things?)

Clutter WILL happen but it totally irks me to have to move things back and forth. So I try not to do that anymore.

Being organized can look any way you like so post your ideas in the comments because I’m excited to hear all about what system or habits work well for you! The Mastery level here is maintain our home swiftly and efficiently.

Next time you clear out your closets, garage or basement, (eek!) try this method for a quick turnaround that will get you back to doing what you REALLY enjoy in a jiffy.

There are 5 items you need for your next purge.

You will need:

  • 3 boxes (a size you can carry when filled) If you want to reuse the boxes, line them with a garbage bag. The box is important because it has a large opening that is easy to throw things into. Download my free declutter in 1-touch Cutout to help you sort
  • 1 receptacle for recyclables. You will encounter paper, bottles and who knows what other recyclables and let's face it, no one wants to dig to the bottom of a garbage bag to retrieve that one recyclable. You may not believe it matters, but if you think you're too small to be heard, you've never slept with a mosquito in your room. Every bit counts.
  • 1 garbage can. You will also find garbage within the clutter. Throw it straight into the can and be done with it.

So, where will you begin? Wherever you begin, bring those 5 items so that each clutter item you touch can be automatically placed where it belongs. One and DONE. When the area is cleaned out, I suggest doing a quick wipe off and you can put back only the items you really want or need.

Then all you have to do is take the sorted boxes or bags to your car and enjoy the rest of your day.

Actually, one more thing. Get out your planner and look for a day where you will already be in the area of the donation spot. Add a drop off reminder to your calendar and put the items in the trunk, (or you might want to schedule a reminder to put your donation into your trunk closer to the drop off date because it sure does suck to get out there and realize you don't have it with you! 


Wondering how to keep things picked up after you clean up?  Read where I share a simple idea that all kids (and partners) can manage while it helps you easily clean up after everyone AND guide them to take care of their own belongings! 

Remember to comment about your ideas and what system works for you!

- xo Dr. Brookh

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