How To STOP Clutter With Paper Bags To The Rescue 

Mastering family life means having a few tricks up our sleeve. This one is so simple and works like a charm.

Grab one paper bag per family member. If you have a reusable bag use that because hopefully, this will be something you try a few times cause I LOVE THIS technique and hope it works for you.

There are two choices with this technique that depend on the age and ability of your family. Either way, you will need one bag per family member. 

The idea is to clean up quickly and organize the stuff at the same time. No more shoving things in a drawer. Sort as you go and make an easier job of clearing the clutter. 

Choice1 Open the bags and YOU fill it with everyone's STUFF that’s been laying around. When the stuff laying around is sorted into the bags, simply place it at the door of each person’s room and smile a big smile as you realize this is WAY cool! You get the tidying you so desire even though no one responded when you yelled, “come clean up your stuff!” You could also put the stuff away but in an effort to do less and be MORE … don’t. Even a 1 and a half-year-old can help put away their stuff from the bag. 


2 Give each person their bag to fill with their own stuff.

Then guide them to take their bag up to their room to put things away. 

Make is a contest, $1 to the person done the soonest and give everyone a dollar. Charge them for the service. “Come get your stuff or it’s $5 a bag”. Not everyone likes the give money for chores but it sure worked for us as a fun reward. Perhaps more importantly, it was doable and my home is tidy.

Either way, when we can teach our kids and help ease our load - it’s a HUGE WIN

Try it and let me know how it goes.

- xo Dr. Brookh

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