The Disturbing Trend of Women-On-Woman Judgement

Mothering is hard enough!

One can SAY they support a cause such as "empowerment and equality of women' but the TRUTH shows up in our actions.

"After being initially praised for turning Tom Brady's Super Bowl loss into “a teachable moment” for their three kids, Gisele Bundchen is now defending herself against critics like Whoopi Goldberg who say her words to her children were “patronizing.” 

What CRAP that anyone would be held to every single word they say, especially in a highly emotional moment like this was (for their family).

For crying out loud, it wasn't a statement to the press, it was a loving mother in a moment of wisdom and support with her confused children. No doubt, people get all gah-gah when they meet celebrities and their kids might have not even conceived that their invincible daddy's team might not win (in their truth he always wins)? This is a valuable life lesson.

Why do we feel the need to comment on that? 

To me, this is really about a deeply disturbing trend of the girl-on-girl verbal and emotional brawl that is far uglier than a quick punch in the face. It's the constant undermining of women, by women. It is the worst violation of power.

Yes, the Brady family probably have a nanny and helpers because they both have busy careers and lots of money, (judge not if you want to raise your family in your own way) but here is a mom dealing with her own emotions and the idea of how she will support her husband when she finally gets to see him next (because their relationship is NOT a priority here - he is property of the team today). No doubt their family also feel a certain responsibility toward their team fans and so much more that I can't possibly understand since my husband is not an NFL player who has played in the Superbowl.

She was in a flurry of emotions and holding it all together anyway.

Gisele's words were said, no doubt, as she was in a flurry of emotions and holding it all together anyway (cause that's what we do!) She knows that backlash and non-stop commentary about the game is coming because people are HOT about their NFL but I'll bet she NEVER imagined that her (kind) words to her children would come into question.

Being judged publicly by another woman (who was not there) is a low blow.

Helping our children to be gracious (about losing) is a loving act and not an easy feat. The lessons will look different for each family so why the need to have commentary about it at all?

What did she do wrong? Gisele's words were not judgemental and she didn't try to stop her children from having their own feelings? Even if we would hope to do it differently, I can only hope that I would respond with such grace in a tense moment. 

What if we stopped supporting people who look for ways to attack us? We all know people like that. They are bullies so why do they persist in continuing this type of behaviour? Well, because we are free to do so, and that's what we want.

I'm disgusted again by the actions of Whoopie Goldberg. Yes, I said it. 

What Gisele said was perfectly relatable to a child in that moment.

Unfortunately, sometimes WOMEN are the meanest and will be combative for no other reason than that they are allowed to. People get used to being a certain way and if it serves them they will keep doing it. Sometimes people find outspoken people to be freeing but I believe that we can all have our own opinion, and welcome the ideas of others to refine our actions and do it all without meanness and bullying.

Why? Because of this question:

Are the long-term consequences of leading with uninformed judgement leading us to where we want to end up?

If we want to live in freedom, we get to use these moments to decide who WE want to be in the world. We also get to be thankful that others get to express their opinions, whether we agree or not. 

WE get to choose.

One can SAY they support an important life bridge such as the empowerment and equality of women but the TRUTH shows up in our actions.

Do you believe it's important to stop tearing each other down because 'our way' is different?

I'd like to know.

Is it important to you that women support each other? 

It is to me.

xo Dr. Brookh

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