9/11 A new baby in a foot of rubble

I have always found beauty within the contrast of things.

For example, an unkept barn with peeling paint and a dirty base is to me, the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. The brides crisp white gown contrasted by the overgrowth of weeds and rotting wood planks? Now THAT’s real life to me, and, the contrast tells a story that could share a more truthful representation than the posed and perfect images that we tend to have of our most meaningful days.

There is a wisdom in contrast. It showcases the beauty and the consequences of having our focus on one thing or the other.

This fascination has been a running theme in my life so it should come as not surprise that when I birthed our first child - we had the perfect home-birth but it ended in a hospital stay because my daughter inspired her meconium and her lungs were 80% occluded. Had we been in a hospital birth I am convinced that she would have died and the home-birth saved her - but I will share that story another day.

On September 11, 2001, while the planes were crashing in to buildings, we were bringing home our daughter.

While an unimaginable horror cast a foot of rubble and dust on everything for as far as the eye could see, my husband and I were finally at home with the best thing that had ever happened to either one of us.

I still can’t wrap my head around the whole thing.

Thank you to all of those who survive to tell the story.

Thank you to all of those who responded and keep on responding.

We are sorry for all of those who lost their lives during and afterward.

We are sorry for the families who are forever changed due to the loss of a loved one.

Thank you to all of those still helping, still talking, still searching for answers.

There can be beauty in the rubble, but the rubble still sucks.

With love,

Brookh Lyons