dirty games at the soccer field

For many years I've wanted a conference that features women's voices in a format where I could reconnect with who I have become. I want to make a plan that leads me toward who I want to be - from my current prospective.

Women are strong and capable (we always have been) yet in many ways we either don’t know it, or our power is diminished because of our current beliefs and habits or, our community contributes to our voices being loud yet often unheard.

We can change this when we are clear about who we are and what we wish to say. 

I am constantly being shown examples.

At a soccer game recently, one player on the opposing team kept throwing illegal (and dangerous tackles) and I commented in support of the player, “Play clean Dude, we are all here to win.”

He fouled again, unseen by the refs, and I said,

“Only you can control how you play the game.”

The player looked at me with a sarcastic look while a deep voice from a few chairs down commented, 

“She needs to shut up.”

Without looking at me, he showed me his deepest fears, so I looked at him (without anger) and said, “Believe me, if there was nothing to be said I wouldn’t say it.”


Parents are asked not to coach from the sidelines but in an unseen safety issue, I chose to risk the “disorderly conduct”.

Ironically, the player’s next move got him removed from the game which means that for the rest of that half and the entire second half, his team only played with 10 players, not 11, putting his teammates at a significant disadvantage in a tournament game.

What are we supporting?

When are we standing up for what we believe is right?

With kindness, but firmness can we stand up for what we believe in (with kindness)?

Is it worth it?

After the game my husband and I laughed about the situation because it’s a good thing I have a big husband. Truly, I wasn’t thinking about that. I tend to see beyond the size of the human in front of me and see the size of their painful behaviour. Yet it’s true. 

Not everyone wants to be enlightened.

Some people still believe that we have to be taught a lesson, even though the pain of that action that STILL brings them pain today from their own childhood).

What if we don’t have to hurt our children for them to learn? 

What if we live congruently through our words and actions to create the love and acceptance that we ALL desire?

What if we can spend time exploring what we want to create in the world so that we can dream up and make action steps that lead us freely toward what we REALLY want in the world?

What if …

Some people may be here to do and say things that help us narrow-in keenly to what we are here to work toward and (hopefully) accomplish?

There is no doubt that I am here to support you. Women and men because our families and our interactions with each other are important, (and never perfect).

So how do you feel about that?

Are you ready to make a difference?

What door are you walking through?

For many years I've wanted a conference that features women's voices in a format where I could reconnect with who I have become, and make a plan from my current prospective, to lead me toward who I want to be.

So I created it.

Our ROAR Conference includes business connection and attention to who we are as human beings because - it all begins with WHO WE ARE - and WE are changing the world - one person at at time.

It starts with me stepping forward and asking you to join me in the Dance of LIFE.

It starts with you being willing to hear the call and join us.

ROAR for Women will be held at the KI Center in Green Bay WI, Friday November 16th 7pm-9:30pm and Saturday November 17th all day. 

Send your staff.

Bring your friends.

Come so that you can connect with what’s inside of you begging to be seen and revealed.

I am ready to ROAR. You are too. It’s Time!


Dr. Brookh Lyons, LLC

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PS Keep the evening open, we just may have a surprise evening celebration as well!