Bossy & Bitchy

Dearest LIONESS,

There is no power in being together if we can’t talk about the truth. It's time for women's voices to be heard, but if we are not clear, or we find ourselves covering up the truth, then somewhere within us we have a belief that may not be serving us.

Let's explore Bossy & Bitchy. 

What actions make you, (or any woman) Bossy & Bitchy? Make a list and don't feel like you have to stop at 3 ...





Step 2 Put a checkmark beside the Bossy & Bitchy qualities that you possess and write in the margin, whether that's a good or bad quality?

Dig deep, we are planting seeds.



Dr. Brookh Lyons is a woman who wants YOU and all women to ROAR! Our men, our children, and our world are depending on the women to come together.

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LIONESS YOU belong in our pride.