Too Much


If we are not clear or we find ourselves covering up the truth, then somewhere within us we have a belief that may not be serving us.

So, how do we know whether something that we do or say is Too Much? What is a 'good' or 'bad' quality anyway?

The truth is that everything has both. What's important is the meaning we attach to it and the feeling. If we attach no meaning to things then they fly freely off our back. That can be good unless we don't care about anything.  

Attaching Too Much meaning to something can leave us equally cold but only after we have hardened our heart - feeling (or being) abused, misunderstood and underappreciated. 

Today let's be honest with ourself and look at what feels bad because if it feels bad, that's my tip to look there. I know we are often conditioned to move away from things that feel bad, but today I am asking you to hold it. Hold that feeling like it is your most cherished possession because... it is.

When we hide from things they gain dark power inside of us that will gain pressure and could explode one day. (Things ignored, things that feel unforgivable or unlovable) but WE ALL feel bad sometimes and when we acknowledge that feeling and love it even for a minute, it changes. when we SEE it, it doesn't have to make us pay attention to it anymore.

So, list as many things as you can which have been trying to get your attention? You will know them because they don't feel good, or, in the case of addictions, they may feel good at the moment, but in the deepest more vulnerable places, you KNOW you are in trouble.

List what is not working





Don't stop there. Maybe you can keep adding to the list? Now what? Comment. Reach out so that you are not alone anymore. That is another belief.

Dig deep, we are planting seeds.



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