finding myself

Don't point your finger at me.

As lessons become gifts.

A new photo in this time of change and awakening: I can't pull you with me, I used to belive that it was my job to help people, and it brought me endless lessons as I disrespected their journey & ignored my inner self. I could say that I surrendered to my Creator, but I was still wrestling for control.

Constantly reaching out to help others brought me reminders that I continued to ignore; I was reminded of the abandonment, the lack of love,  and the feeling that I would never quite fit in. As people moved through my life the experiences deepened my belief that I would never be enough, I would never be good enough, of this or that.. enough.

One morning I woke up and put my oxygen mask on first, and drew in a long nourishing breath.

From there I began a journey that I'm still walking but this time instead of feeling like I need to help others, (or that I need others at all) I understand my role as a student of life,  teacher and as an example.

What I know now is that I am responsible for living presently.

I can't take you with me but we can travel together. We must individually and on our own power, stand up to the ledge and jump, but FIRST we must walk up to the ledge. We can do it together, gain the confidence and momentum to put one foot in front of the other with a smile in our heart that grows with each step. It's time to feel the flowing movement of your soul and move toward the dreams of our heart.

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Love Brookh