Mom's have a tough job.                                                       What if you could do less and have more?


What do you really want?

What do you lay in bed worrying about?

That's the stuff that steals your joy, robs you of your happiness and brings you to the anger and yelling that none of us (yet all of us) tend to get to when our needs are not being met and we are trying so hard to be great. You are great, but you are not meant to be stressed out and burdened by your mothering experience. 


Let me say that you CAN change the tension, stress and anxiety you feel but you can't do it by waiting or by hoping things will change.

It's time to try something that is specifically designed for YOU to gain clarity and create a plan that works for the individual needs of you and your family. 


Dr. Brookh offers a variety of coaching packages after an Introductory Consult to get to know eachother first. Click through to request your Consult.

Introductory Consult
20 minutes


Raving Coaching Reviews

"I was amazed..."

"While I was nervous to start coaching, I found Dr. Brookh was able to cut through so many issues quickly and clear the worry and concern from my daily existence.

I was amazed how her questions brought out very active emotional responses in a way that assured us we were on the right track and the healing process continued between our meetings. 

Dr. Brookh's use of tapping, while initially intriguing for many, is a scientifically proven way to release worry, fear and other emotions that drag down our daily thought processes.  It was an enlightening experience that removed a whole area of daily worry from my life. 

I would recommend Dr. Brookh very highly for individuals who need clarity in their world or the tools to release old hurts and haunts.  Her scientific background allowed me to more fully understand how the body's fight or flight can relate to emotions as well. 

I could not be happier with my outcome after working with Dr Brookh!"

— Ellae

"She supported me and helped me not only take control of my life but also to..."

My life was filled with many overwhelming situations, many I could not grasp. I was filled with self doubt and I was in need of support and guidance to reestablish the real me.

Dr. Brookh was there to encourage and provide me with the tools to tackle those issues.

She supported me and helped me not only take control of my life but to see it for all that it is. 

I highly recommend Dr. Brookh Lyons to help you regain confidence and support you to take that confidence to become the very best you!

— Laurie

"I admire your selfless caring for others, your dedication to helping others."

I want to thank you, Dr. Brookh.  You sat with me and had a conversation about life, not knowing that I was hours away from making a very grave decision. You took time out of your life talking to me, listening to me and guiding me through that decision, again not know what I was thinking.  I admire your selfless caring for others, your dedication to helping others.  

When I had the opportunity to thank you at a ceremony that was important to me,  you now understand why.  

Love you, with all the greatest respect.

— John

Your new life is waiting.