Mother-Daughter Workshop

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Mother-Daughter Workshop


Sometimes we feel completely disconnected from our mother or our daughter or, we want to make sure that we're ALWAYS close.

We know the feeling well because as daughters ourselves we have felt the pull toward a soft space where we FEEL LOVED and WHOLE, but sometimes we worry that space will not be there.

Join us to create that GOODNESS for ourselves and our daughters.

My daughter Tori (16) and I will lead you through this mini workshop of exploration between the two of you. You don't have to worry.

Let your daughter know she will NOT be alone, it WILL be weird (let's get that out of the way) AND it will be worth it.

Bring one daughter/ one mother.

If you have many daughters, choose the oldest first (mature 11 years or older please, mature mothers and daughters welcome).

Yes, this could be difficult. Yes, your relationship may be strained or messy. COME ANYWAY. This WILL also be FUN!

Invite your friends who want to make sure that their daughter/mother relationship is growing and healthy.

LIFE IS REAL and we NEED each other.

Only 10 spots available for this special in-Brookh's-home workshop

YES! We're IN!