Best Summer Ever!

Best Summer EVER! Cover-2.png
Best Summer EVER! Cover-2.png

Best Summer Ever!

  • Create STRONGER BONDS with your family this summer.

  • Enjoy LIFE-CHANGING MEMORIES with your family.

  • Finally ENJOY THIS SUMMER to the fullest, (unlike most summers where we’re just too busy).

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Hi, Dr. Brookh here,

Thank you for checking out my summer program.  This is NOT AN ACTIVITY LIST.  It’s a TAILORED-TO-YOU PLAN to BUILD STRONG FAMILY BONDS and FREE YOURSELF to spend more time (and heart), on what is important to you whether that is MORE FAMILY TIME, MORE PERSONAL TIME or you have a big juicy world mission that is brewing up inside of you and ready to spill out - taking care of your FAMILY IS SUPER IMPORTANT AND it doesn’t have to take 100% of your time.  THIS METHOD will:

  • help you get clear

  • get going

  • honor the individual interests of your loved ones and 

  • celebrate together  

If you’re like me, you have an important part to play in your community or at work, but you want to ENJOY EVERY MINUTE YOU CAN WITH THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE. Maybe you want to sit and read a book without feeling guilty - we all have our reasons. What you don’t want more of, is sacrificing your own heart, putting your own needs on hold, and you don’t want to sacrifice your family or your well-being either - so let’s go!   It’s nearly summer and YOU CAN ENJOY EVERY BEAUTIFUL MOMENT.  

Maybe you have children and while the kids have time off you want to spend more time with them but you’ve got to work, or your busy with other responsibilities. Then when you get home there are always chores to do, so HOW DO YOU JUGGLE YOUR TIME, LOVE ON YOUR FAMILY AND FIT IN WHAT MATTERS MOST? I understand - and this program is about habits and a ROADMAP that builds strong loving bonds, helps you RELEASE SOME OF WHAT’S KEEPING YOU BUSY (without sacrificing your responsibilities or what makes you feel good), SO THAT YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES CAN GET TO KNOW EACHOTHER EVEN BETTER THIS SUMMER.  THIS IS YOUR LEGACY - how you live every day.


This program is not for everyone. It is for you if: (outcome)

  • The past few summers have just flown by and you don’t want that to happen this year.

  • If you want to create a summer that is not only fun, but have meaningful experiences.

  • If you truly want to get in sync with your family and have a summer that is deeply fun and meaningful for everyone.

You can create the best summer ever for you and your family with the Best Summer EVER! Program.

So, you’ve probably already guessed, it’s not only about this summer. I’ve learned that this program HELPS US TO EMERGE PERSONALLY AND as we reconnect with ourselves, we model that to others. It’s really a very beautiful and freeing process that I am offering you today.

No two families are alike, what is common between all of us is our need to be loved and seen. 

In this program you will:

  • Create your Best Summer Ever! Roadmap

  • Deepen the relationship with every member of your family

  • Reconnect with yourself

  • Be supported by other women creating their Best Summer Ever!

  • Get to know who your loved ones have become while you’ve been so busy

  • Learn how to let go of busy and replace it with what really matters to you and your family

  • How your entire family can have more fun together even they don’t share all the same interests

  • Create meaningful and life-changing memories for you and your family

  • Experience how to celebrate the end of each summer in connecting and bonding ways

  • You will rediscover your feminine power and learn how to be the best role model possible. (That’s just a HUGE bonus that will unveil itself naturally).

In addition, as a special bonus …

I will also welcome you into my private woman’s group for the next month so that you have a group of positive women to brainstorm and celebrate your wins and discoveries. You are part of the pride now, so you don’t have to do it alone.

From my heart… this program changed everything for my family and keeps us close year after year.  We can purposely make plans that elevate eachother, and creatively show them that dreams DO come true, as we encourage them to make plans and share their hopes and dreams.  I have more time to chill with them, or do things we enjoy.  While I don’t know every single thing about my children, husband and family, I know them deeply and I am always learning more as they change and grow and, I am free to share my life with them so that they learn that I am an imperfect awesome human - they are too. 

We all begin somewhere. Begin here.

xo Love Dr. Brookh

PS The course begins May 28th, and continues through to June 28th.  I will send you a questionnaire before we begin. If you have any questions, please email me at

Let’s DO THIS!!!!

That closeness and fun you desire? What does that look like to you?

Have more time for what matters most.

This program is FOR LEADERS IN THE HOME and in business; purpose-driven women who want to have impact and meaningful wealth without sacrificing their well-being.