Are you a purpose-minded woman who is ready to create her next level of meaningful wealth & impact yet you find yourself often sacrificing your personal well-being to get things done?

Join me on this video and download my Meaningful Wealth & Impact Wellness Assessment below.

Hi! My name is Brookh and I can help you make a positive impact without sacrificing the people who are important to you or forfeiting your well-being. There are ways to have a lifestyle you love, great impact and meaningful wealth to support what you want to see in the world.

I created a free assessment so you have a snapshot of where you’re doing well, and the areas of your life that need your focus. Follow through so you can move to the next level of your life in a way which is personally meaningful, impactful and allows you to serve in the world by letting YOU shine through. I know it’s easy to loose yourself while you’re busy taking care of everyone else.

There is another way.

Download your assessment developed by Dr. Brookh, multiple award winning leader in the areas of Impact and Community Service. As an author, speaker, and workshop leader, Dr. Brookh uses experiences from throughout her lifetime to inspire you and is often celebrated as, “really kind, and real”, so you know you’re in safe company. Get the tricks & tools she has developed from real living, so that you, your family and your business can keep thriving to new heights, even when tough stuff happens, (because tough stuff always happens).

Those dreams you have? All possible.

Let’s get on that together.


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Dr. Brookh is a visionary and thought leader devoted to cultivating local and global healthy family dynamics. Her goal is to help parents end self-criticism and replace it with presence, confidence and purposeful actions that lead to desired outcomes. Through her experience as a chiropractor, working mostly with babies, she learned the value of impacting children’s lives at an early age. Her tireless commitment to teaching her clients about validating each other and finding answers that work for their families, will ensure strong generational bonds that strengthen families and communities all over the world. As a proponent of taking responsibility for our own actions, her motto is,

“It all begins with you.”