A Dynamic Leader Who Brings Power Back. 

Dr. Brookh is a powerful speaker, well adapted in delivering thoughtful and useful exploration for any audience. She will lead participants to decide what they really want, discover what is holding them back, and focus on moving in the direction best suited for success.

By sharing inspirational real life stories of disappointment, failure and success to illustrate her message Dr. Lyons is often praised for being 'real' and approachable.

Dr. Brookh will captivate your group

As a professional cheerleader, her first experience with public speeking in a large group was in 1992 when she addressed an auditorium full of high schools students and inspired them to following their dreams. The audience was so moved that she achieved her first standing ovation after offering the following idea:

“Do what your heart tells you. If being a custodian and picking up the garbage fills a place in you where you know that kids are not playing in filth and that you are helping  then sling those bags with a smile on your face. Each and every one of us is different AND important.” 

Are you a business owner or leader in your company?

In a room full of people, even in a company with one goal, we depend on people to bring the mission forward.  But each person lives with a separate series of experiences and what seems like common sense to one, is wrong to another.  Help your company or business grow by investing in yourself and the individuals who work to fulfill your mission.

Your group wants to be energized and motivated by what you offer as personal development. You want to offer something they will enjoy and something to help the company.

Dr. Brookh will help you make lasting change in your company

because as we learn more about ourselves, we feel more confident and capable, and we naturally become better employees. That’s the ‘special sauce’ of success; bringing our natural gifts and experiences to the table.

Group participation and note taking are important, so most classes include a workbook and notes.  Life and growth are serious, but we must laugh and have fun at it. Dr. Brookh is able to bridge the gap between generations and in people of varying thoughts. She is a powerful speaker who will motivate your crowd, large or small, and help them find their own way to achieving the life of their dreams.


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Business Reviews


"Dr. Brookh is a stand for growth."

"During the Green Bay Go Red for Women Challenge, part of the American Heart Association, she created a space for the participating women to clear the fear they had around working towards their goals and embark on a life changing journey with support."

Kaela Gedda
Corporate Events Director
American Heart Association

"I cannot recommend Brookh enough..."

"Her ability to listen - and listen so well that she hears what you yourself are not even aware of saying - and then work her magic in conversations ultimately ending with YOU being the one who figures it all out is beyond amazing.  I cannot recommend Brookh enough - no matter your "need", your "desire", your "goal" or maybe your "need to fix an unsettled feeling", Brookh is there with you and for you.  You will not be told what to do, you will not be directed, scolded or counseled.  You WILL be coached in the most professional way and ultimately you will provide the hidden answer to what you seek.  I am a fan and highly recommend Dr. Brookh Lyons."

Diane Campbell
Campbell Associates International

"Brookh is passionate about the causes she believe in."

"Brookh is committed to helping these causes in any and every way she can. She offers her time, her talents, and her treasure in generous amounts. Brookh is a critical thinker, offering a perspective that is fresh and real."

Tracy Arndt
Fund Development & Community Relations
Encompass Early Education & Care, Inc.



Identify what's holding your team back so you can move forward.