Interactive, Engaging, Motivating

Life moves quickly and if you want to get where you want to be, you must first choose your direction.  In each of her workshops and classes, Dr. Brookh leads participants toward discovering what they really want and helps them move in that direction.

Learn important life-skills for confidence and individual success, but our choices and the outcome from those choices affect us every day.  If we are not getting what we hoped in life, then let’s look at what’s going on so we can see what could be tweaked, or changed.  Dr. Brookh is skilled at helping us learn to be resourceful and purposeful as we live.  She has expertise and experience with many topics including family life, forgiveness, uncovering our truth, confidence building, changing habits, life lessons, parenting and health which ultimately, all impact our communities, and our world. 

Dr. Brookh keeps her classes interactive so participants are engaged and motivated to capture more. During class time, we will purposefully think about and assess our lives, so we can make decisions and take steps toward our success. This will impact our families and also our businesses, friendships and personal life satisfaction.

With over 25 years of clinical experience, Dr. Brookh can help families set their own target and make plans to achieve whatever success looks like for their family.  She is a skilled speaker with audiences of all ages and is dedicated to uniting generations, so that we are supported when needed, and feel the power of helping others when we have experience and wisdom to share. 

Discover and seek what you truly desire with her simple, memorable ways that will leave you feeling motivated, but more importantly, will give you the tools needed to move forward.  Dr. Brookh can tailor any program to the needs of your group including what you hope to accomplish individually so that everyone leaves with a tangible gain.


Make & Take Craft Night

Invite Dr. Brookh to visit your group. Note Book Masterpiece $25.00 includes a workshop about the  valuable benefits of gratitude and journaling while participants create their own masterpiece. All supplies included. Plan a Note Book night for your friends or organizations. Call Brookh 920-737-4573

The Envelope System

Writing letters connects us on a level that few of us have, and all of us want. In this impactful workshop you will explore your life’s stories and experiences to help your loved ones navigate THEIR life more clearly knowing that you are there when they need you most!


Vibrant Life Workshop

Is yours a Vibrant Life?  If not then it's time to figure out why so you can decide to change, or tweak your habits. This popular class will help you identify critical areas of your life and assess their level of impact, allowing you to make decisions about how to move forward.

Parent-Child Class

It’s critical to stop coasting through our life, hoping everything will turn out okay. Connect in this fun workshop with your child, so you can grow the deep and loving relationships you desire.


Victorious Vision Boards

We all know about vision boards, and when you can identify your true desires, the contents of your vision board will be more impactful. Create a meaningful Victorious Vision Board, and move consciously toward the life of your dreams.

Know Your    Body

Dr. Brookh is passionate about helping you know how your body works so you can make strong health decisions for yourself and your family. Health is easier to achieve when we know the ‘what and why’s’ of the choices we make.


Apple or Doughnut?

If you find it too difficult to change habits that are not serving you then your mind may be running an outdated program. Identify and reprogram some of the negative beliefs you hold and move toward living a life of peace and purpose.

Leave class feeling motivated with the tools for change.